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Short Answer Questions

1. In Act 4, what pair of lovers does Mr. Vandergelder forgive?

2. Whom does Cornelius toast?

3. To whom does Mr. Vandergelder propose?

4. Mr. Vandergelder is described as smelling of what?

5. What "miracle" does Cornelius receive from Malachi?

Short Essay Questions

1. What actions show Miss Van H. to be an eccentric character?

2. Why does Barnaby protest the bath offered by Miss Van H.?

3. Why does Miss Van H. want to help Cornelius?

4. Why is Cornelius worried, upon taking Mrs. Malloy and Minnie out to dinner?

5. What does Miss Van H. think when Cornelius insists he is not who she thinks he is?

6. Why is Mrs. Malloy's comment about extravagance at dinner ironic?

7. What character change does Ermengarde demonstrate when Miss Van H. plans to leave her and Ambrose in the hall?

8. What surprising acts of kindness are demonstrated by Mr. Vandergelder at the end of Act 4?

9. Who is the second group to show up at Miss Van H.'s house and how does Miss Van H. treat them?

10. What does Mrs. Malloy do at the restaurant that makes her feel young?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Several characters in The Matchmaker have been married before and lost their spouse. Choose from one of the following characters and examine how this loss affected their life.

- Mr. Vandergelder.

- Mrs. Malloy.

- Mrs. Levi.

Essay Topic 2

At the beginning of The Matchmaker, the character Malachi is presented as a fool. What other, surprising role does Malachi play throughout the play?

Essay Topic 3

The interaction of the characters is a major part in the resolution of the play. Analyze how and why all of the characters are brought together in Act 4 and the resulting conclusion of this meeting.

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