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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Barnaby say is the moral of The Matchmaker?
(a) Live life and have adventure.
(b) Love conquers all.
(c) Never ever give up.
(d) Money buys love.

2. To whom does Mr. Vandergelder propose?
(a) Minnie.
(b) Mrs. Levi.
(c) Mrs. Malloy.
(d) Miss Van H.

3. Where does Miss Van H. tell "Ambrose" to warm his feet?
(a) The fire.
(b) Her slippers.
(c) The oven.
(d) Her bed.

4. Where does Act 3 take place?
(a) Mr. Vandergelder's local diner.
(b) Central Park Restaurant.
(c) Steak Gardens.
(d) Harmonia Gardens Restaurant.

5. In Act 4, who do the real Ermengarde and Ambrose pretend to be?
(a) Mrs. Levi and Mrs. Malloy.
(b) Ermengarde and Mr. Vandergelder.
(c) Ermengarde and Barnaby.
(d) Ermengarde and Cornelius.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Miss Van H. hit Mr. Vandergelder with?

2. What type of music does Cornelius request at the table?

3. According to Ermengarde, where does nothing happen?

4. How many entrances are available in Act 3?

5. Mrs. Levi asks who for permission to marry?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who benefits and who loses from the lost purse of money?

2. What does Mrs. Malloy do at the restaurant that makes her feel young?

3. What set of young lovers is Mr. Vandergelder surprised to see at the restaurant and what is his reaction?

4. At the restaurant, what surprises Mrs. Malloy about Millie?

5. What character change does Ermengarde demonstrate when Miss Van H. plans to leave her and Ambrose in the hall?

6. What is the cabman worried about, based on Mr. Vandergelder's request?

7. Why does Barnaby protest the bath offered by Miss Van H.?

8. What does the money give Cornelius the courage to do?

9. Why does Mrs. Malloy hesitate to return Mr. Vandergelder's purse?

10. What is Miss Van H.'s philosophy on life?

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