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Lesson 1 (from Act 1)


A play is written in a specific format, much different than the format of a novel. To help the reader better understand The Matchmaker, this lesson will define the structure of a play and the way action, character, setting, and dialogue are used to tell a story.


1. Class discussion: Is The Matchmaker a novel or a play? How do you know? In a novel, chapters indicate new sections of the story. How are new sections depicted in The Matchmaker? In a novel, how does a reader learn new information? How is that information shared in The Matchmaker?

2. Group activity: Divide the class into pairs. Have each group complete the following assignment, sharing their results in front of the class: Answer the following questions, as pertaining to Stage Directions, Character Description, and Dialogue. Define each example. What type of information is offered by each example? Identify...

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