The Matchmaker Character Descriptions

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This character is a nervous young waiter.


This drunk driver kidnaps the wrong couple.


This worried helper announces house guests.


This young lover worries about appearances.

Minnie Fay

This milliner has never been to a cafe.


This deaf housekeeper reveals a key address.

Cornelius Hackl

This abused clerk wants a promotion.

Ambrose Kemper

This artist wishes to elope.

Dolly Levi

This widow wants to spread money around.

Irene Molloy

This merchant unexpectedly falls in love.


This snobby waiter speaks with an accent.

Joe Scanlon

This barber refuses to dye hair.

Malachi Stack

This drunk comes to town with dubious referrals.

Barnaby Tucker

This youngster receives a first kiss.

Flora Van Huysen

This spinster encourages young lovers.

Horace Vandergelder

This stingy widower has trouble being kind.

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