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Act 1

• Mr. Vandergelder gets shaved by the barber.

• Mr. Vandergelder forbids Ambrose to marry his niece, Ermengarde.

• Ambrose vows to marry her anyway.

• Mr. Vandergelder lies, saying his niece has been sent away.

• Gertrude accidentally reveals the address where the niece will be going.

• Mr. Vandergelder almost promotes Cornelius, but does not follow through.

• Joe refuses to dye Mr. Vandergelder's hair, in spite of his announcement that he's getting engaged that day.

• Ermengarde pleads her case to marry Ambrose, but Mr. Vandergelder refuses.

• Malachi arrives, looking for a job.

• Mr. Vandergelder hires Malachi and sends him to New York with Mr. Vandergelder's trunk.

• Mr. Vandergelder explains his philosophy on life to the audience.

• Ambrose tries to convince Ermengarde to elope but she refuses.

• Mrs. Levi discovers the romance and vows to help.

• Harmonious Gardens is set as the meeting place for the young lovers.

• Mrs. Levi tells Mr...

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