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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ragnar call Solness?
(a) A Liar
(b) A whore
(c) A coward
(d) A devil

2. Where did the fire break out?
(a) In the nursery
(b) In the attic
(c) In a clothes cupboard
(d) In the chimney

3. Where does this scene take place?
(a) The tower
(b) The master bedroom
(c) The veranda
(d) The drawing room

4. What does Hilda say Solness was sent into the world with?
(a) A sense of life
(b) A selfish streak
(c) A sickly conscience
(d) A crippling guilt

5. Who spirit does Solness talk to Hilda about?
(a) The animal spirit
(b) The viking spirit
(c) The human spirit
(d) The troll spirit

6. Where does Solness tell Hilda she can live?
(a) The nursery
(b) The top room of the tower
(c) The master bedroom
(d) The servant's quarters

7. What does Solness presume Hilda and Aline were talking about?
(a) Him
(b) The tower
(c) The new house
(d) The boys

8. What does Solness say made him as a builder?
(a) His father's death
(b) The fire
(c) Aline
(d) His love of life

9. What has Hilda been exploring?
(a) The green house
(b) Town
(c) The garden
(d) The new house

10. What does Solness ask Hilda if she has read?
(a) The old legends
(b) Shakespeare
(c) The old sagas
(d) The 16th century poets

11. Which of the following words does Solness use to describe the inside of the house?
(a) Cosy
(b) Snug
(c) Comfy
(d) Bright

12. What do Solness and Hilda want to build their castle on?
(a) A hill
(b) A cliff
(c) A mountain
(d) A meadow

13. What does Solness say he kept for only three weeks?
(a) His cat
(b) His first business
(c) His dog
(d) His children

14. What does Solness say held him back from fixing the flue?
(a) God
(b) A hand
(c) Aline
(d) The twins

15. Where does Hilda say it would be wonderful to see Solness?
(a) In a motor vehicle
(b) On top of the tower
(c) In his new house
(d) On his roof

Short Answer Questions

1. What affected Aline's milk?

2. What does Solness say he can't live his life chained to?

3. Where does Aline say the boys are now?

4. What does Solness say Hilda means when she says he is ill?

5. What does Hilda say was harder to lose than the children?

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