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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What color is Aline's shawl?
(a) Black
(b) White
(c) Red
(d) Brown

2. What does Solness tell Aline he does not want?
(a) A new designer
(b) Begging
(c) A new book keeper
(d) Thanks

3. What does Solness say he can't live his life chained to?
(a) A dead woman
(b) His work
(c) His misery
(d) A dead man

4. What did Hilda use to collect?
(a) Dolls
(b) Diamonds
(c) Silver
(d) China plates

5. What made it easier for Aline to come to terms with her sons death?
(a) Her belief in Buddha
(b) Her love of life
(c) Her belief in God
(d) Her love for Solness

6. What does Hilda think would be thrilling?
(a) To be in a fire
(b) To be shot at
(c) To build a church
(d) To be carried off

7. What does Solness say he has given up?
(a) Smoking
(b) Sex
(c) Reading
(d) Drinking

8. Who does Hilda accuse Solness of destroying?
(a) Ragnar
(b) Aline
(c) Kaia
(d) Brovik

9. What does Solness say he needs in his life?
(a) Joy
(b) Hilda
(c) Youth
(d) Misery

10. What does Solness ask Hilda if she has read?
(a) The old sagas
(b) Shakespeare
(c) The 16th century poets
(d) The old legends

11. Who does Solness tell Ragnar to go home to?
(a) His children
(b) His father
(c) His mother
(d) Kaia

12. What did Aline have a talent for?
(a) Building
(b) Drawing
(c) Running
(d) Writing

13. Which of the following words does Hilda not use to describe what Solness said to Ragnar?
(a) Hard
(b) Cutting
(c) Cruel
(d) Ugly

14. What does Hilda say Solness was sent into the world with?
(a) A sense of life
(b) A crippling guilt
(c) A sickly conscience
(d) A selfish streak

15. Who is Solness afraid will stop obeying him?
(a) His friends and enemies
(b) His family
(c) The helpers and the servers
(d) Women and children

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Hilda say one cannot choose?

2. Where does Solness say Hilda can see if she sits on the sofa?

3. Who does Hilda think is stupid?

4. Who does Solness describe as bonny?

5. What does Ragnar call Solness?

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