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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where was the dinner held?
(a) The Club
(b) The Barfly
(c) The mayor's house
(d) The townhall

2. What is over the console table?
(a) A painting
(b) A statue
(c) A mirror
(d) A photgraph

3. What is the name of Knut's son?
(a) Kaia
(b) Henrik
(c) Ragnar
(d) Helmut

4. What did Solness call Hilda when he saw her in her white dress?
(a) A little princess
(b) A little devil
(c) A little flower
(d) A little horror

5. What does Solness tell his wife she has on her hands?
(a) Blood
(b) The world
(c) A sick man
(d) Flour

6. Where did the town play music to celebrate the building of Solness' tower?
(a) The Town Hall
(b) The churchyard
(c) The park
(d) The tourist center

7. What does Hilda think Solness is bad at?
(a) Flirting
(b) Remembering things
(c) Conversation
(d) Writing

8. Who does Solness say Aline has become shy with?
(a) Women
(b) Men
(c) Children
(d) Strangers

9. Why does Dr. Herbal think that Solness should not be afraid?
(a) He is a man
(b) He has powerful friends
(c) He is very rich
(d) He has luck on his side

10. What is the name of Solness' wife?
(a) Ellen
(b) Hana
(c) Aline
(d) Kaia

11. What does Solness think sooner or later must turn?
(a) Love
(b) Security
(c) Luck
(d) Riches

12. To where does the open door lead?
(a) The garden
(b) The reception
(c) The games room
(d) The draughtsmen's office

13. Who does Solness say he owes a debt to?
(a) His wife
(b) His parents
(c) Hilda
(d) His brother

14. What does Brovik not want the children to know?
(a) How angry he is
(b) What he thinks of Solness
(c) How old he is
(d) How he ill he feels

15. What does Solness say the others will say?
(a) Fill me up
(b) Make room, make room
(c) Get rid of the old man
(d) Fun, fun, fun

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Hilda think dislikes her?

2. What does Hilda's father do for a living?

3. What does Hilda tell Solness he did many times to her?

4. What does Dr. Herdal say the other ladies did not like?

5. What does Hilda say she dreamed she was falling down?

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