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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Solness think will make his luck turn?
(a) The government
(b) The city boys
(c) The younger generation
(d) Women

2. What does Solness tell his wife she has on her hands?
(a) A sick man
(b) Blood
(c) The world
(d) Flour

3. What does Solness think Ragnar wants to stay at his company?
(a) A bigger office
(b) More money
(c) A secretary
(d) More say

4. What does Hilda say the school girls carried?
(a) Satchels
(b) Hankerchiefs
(c) Knapsacks
(d) Flags

5. What is Mrs. Solness doing in the room?
(a) Drawing a picture
(b) Watering flowers
(c) Reading a book
(d) Knitting

6. What kind of hat does Solness wear?
(a) Baseball hat
(b) Bowler hat
(c) Felt hat
(d) Top hat

7. What country did Solness say he would carry Hilda off to?
(a) USA
(b) England
(c) Spain
(d) France

8. Why does Kaia say she all always takes off her shade when Solness comes in to the office?
(a) It is not suitable
(b) He does not like it
(c) It makes her look like a girl
(d) It makes her look ugly

9. What does Solness offer Brovik to sit on?
(a) An armchair
(b) A rocking chair
(c) A bed
(d) A sofa

10. What does Solness want Kaia to do?
(a) Write a letter
(b) Phone some people
(c) Keep him company
(d) Finish some drawings

11. Why does Solness say he is willing to give a commission away?
(a) He will not tolerate impatience
(b) It is better than building at random
(c) The couple are criminals
(d) He will only build brilliance

12. What is the name of Solness' wife?
(a) Kaia
(b) Aline
(c) Ellen
(d) Hana

13. What does Hilda say amuses her?
(a) People drinking
(b) People fighting
(c) People singing
(d) People staring

14. Why does Solness not want Kaia to runaway?
(a) Ragnar will runaway too
(b) He is in love with her
(c) She has too much potential
(d) He needs her to attract business

15. What word does Hilda say she cannot stand?
(a) Love
(b) Mad
(c) Duty
(d) Strangers

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Dr. Herdal say the other ladies did not like?

2. What is over the console table?

3. What does Hilda put on the table?

4. Who does Hilda think dislikes her?

5. What does Mrs. Solness say is dreadful about the nurseries?

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