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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Solness suggest that Hilda makes the rounds?
(a) The shops
(b) The tourist attractions
(c) Her friends
(d) The pubs

2. What does Dr. Herdal think Solness is?
(a) A womanizer
(b) Ill
(c) A fool
(d) A ragamuffin

3. Whose house does the action pass in and out of?
(a) Herdal's
(b) Solness's
(c) Brovik's
(d) Wangel's

4. What does Hilda tell Solness he did many times to her?
(a) Poked her
(b) Laughed at her
(c) Kissed her
(d) Slapped her

5. How does Ragnar know the couple?
(a) He attended university with the man
(b) He is a friend of the family
(c) He is married to the woman's sister
(d) He has worked closely with the family

6. Who does Solness say Aline has become shy with?
(a) Women
(b) Men
(c) Children
(d) Strangers

7. Why does Hilda not want to go to the shops?
(a) She does not want to go alone
(b) She has no money
(c) She hates shopping
(d) She is too busy

8. Why does Kaia say she all always takes off her shade when Solness comes in to the office?
(a) It makes her look like a girl
(b) He does not like it
(c) It makes her look ugly
(d) It is not suitable

9. Where did Dr. Herdal meet Hilda?
(a) A mountain station
(b) A police station
(c) A tourist station
(d) A fire station

10. Where does Solness suggest they put Hilda for the night?
(a) The nusery
(b) The master bedroom
(c) The games room
(d) The guest room

11. What does Solness offer Brovik to sit on?
(a) A bed
(b) An armchair
(c) A rocking chair
(d) A sofa

12. When does Solness say life will be easier for his wife?
(a) When they move into their new home
(b) When they get a divorce
(c) When they have a child
(d) When they find a lodger

13. What word does Hilda say she cannot stand?
(a) Love
(b) Duty
(c) Strangers
(d) Mad

14. What does Hilda say amuses her?
(a) People fighting
(b) People staring
(c) People singing
(d) People drinking

15. What did Solness say he would call the kingdom
(a) Orangia
(b) Mandarina
(c) Peach Melba
(d) Pear Rot

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Hilda think Solness is bad at?

2. What is over the console table?

3. Why does Dr. Herbal think that Solness should not be afraid?

4. What kind of drink does Brovik ask Solness for?

5. What did Solness climb up at the celebration?

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