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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who says he is feeling ill?
(a) Ragnar
(b) Brovik
(c) Kaia
(d) Henrik

2. What does Hilda say Solness has a lot of?
(a) Books
(b) Photographs
(c) Paintings
(d) Magazines

3. What happened to Mrs. Solness' parents house?
(a) It was left to fall down
(b) It was sold
(c) It was demolished
(d) It burned down

4. Where does Solness suggest they put Hilda for the night?
(a) The nusery
(b) The guest room
(c) The games room
(d) The master bedroom

5. Why does Solness think it will not be good if Kaia gets married?
(a) He will have no one to keep his books
(b) She will live a miserable life
(c) She is too young
(d) He is in love with her

6. Why does Solness not want Kaia to runaway?
(a) He is in love with her
(b) Ragnar will runaway too
(c) She has too much potential
(d) He needs her to attract business

7. What does Solness think will make his luck turn?
(a) The city boys
(b) The younger generation
(c) Women
(d) The government

8. What does Solness offer Brovik to sit on?
(a) A bed
(b) A rocking chair
(c) An armchair
(d) A sofa

9. What does Hilda say Solness' singing sounded like?
(a) An out of tune organ
(b) Electric guitars in hell
(c) Harps in the air
(d) Flutes in heaven

10. What does Solness think sooner or later must turn?
(a) Riches
(b) Luck
(c) Love
(d) Security

11. How does Hilda say she slept?
(a) Like a brick in the wall
(b) Like a child in a cradle
(c) Like a dead baby
(d) Like a pebble in a river

12. What did the family think of Ragnar's drawings?
(a) Trash
(b) Grand
(c) Fun
(d) Original

13. What does Hilda tell Solness he did many times to her?
(a) Poked her
(b) Kissed her
(c) Laughed at her
(d) Slapped her

14. What did Solness hang on the weather vane?
(a) Holly
(b) A medal
(c) A wreath
(d) A doll

15. What does Hilda say the school girls carried?
(a) Flags
(b) Knapsacks
(c) Satchels
(d) Hankerchiefs

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Solness say has been keeping an eye on him?

2. What does Solness hold under his arms?

3. Who does Solness say he owes a debt to?

4. Why does Hilda not want to go to the shops?

5. Why does Solness say he is willing to give a commission away?

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