The Master Builder Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What do Kaia and Ragnar urge Brovik to do?

Finding it difficult to breathe, Brovik says he can't bear working much longer. Kaia and Ragnar urge him to go home but Brovik refuses. He says he won't leave until he's had a word with the boss.

2. How does Solness make Kaia nervous?

Solness pretends to speak with Kaia about business, but is really flirting with her. His gentle tones make her nervous.

3. What does Solness tell Ragnar about his new commission?

Ragnar tells Solness that a young couple came by, eager to see his drawings. Solness tells Ragnar they can wait. He's not interested in building something that's merely a roof over someone's head. He says the couple can apply to someone else for all he cares.

4. Why does Solness not want to give Ragnar more work?

Solness says that Ragnar does not have the experience to take more work. Brovik reminds him that Solness also had no experience when he started, bit still managed to become famous.

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