The Master Builder Character Descriptions

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Knut Brovik - Formerly an architect, he is now an assistant to Solness. At the beginning of the play, his deteriorating health prompts him to confront Solness over the lack of support Solness has shown Ragnar.

Ragnar Brovik - He appears stooped in the play, which reflects his inability to stand up to his boss and demand recognition. When his resentment over Solness's refusal to recognize his talent prompts him to confront the older man, he quickly backs down when he is told his drawings are worthless.

Kaja Fosli - She works as Solness's bookkeeper. She has fallen desperately in love with him, even though she is engaged to Ragnar.

Dr. Herdal - He councils Solness about his wife's condition and offers her comfort and support.

Aline Solness - She has become barren physically and emotionally, due to the tragedies that she has experienced. When her...

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