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James H. Cone
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who was the founder of the Nation of Islam?
(a) Elijah Muhammad.
(b) Wallace D. Ford.
(c) Elijah Ford Little.
(d) Malcolm Little.

2. Who did Martin Luther King, Jr. quote when he said, "My feets is tired but my soul is rested"?
(a) Sister Pollard.
(b) Rosa Parks.
(c) Betsy Johnson.
(d) Sister Bester.

3. In what year was Malcolm X assassinated?
(a) 1970.
(b) 1963.
(c) 1965.
(d) 1968.

4. What did Malcolm call the black leaders that accepted financial support from liberal whites?
(a) "Slaves."
(b) "Racists."
(c) "Puppies."
(d) "Puppets."

5. What was the "most important similarity between Martin and Malcolm"?
(a) Their history.
(b) Their goal.
(c) Their honor.
(d) Their honesty.

6. According to Cone, what limitation did King and Malcolm share in regard to being a problem with racism?
(a) Lack of recognizing the importance of history.
(b) Lack of recognizing multiculturalism.
(c) Lack of recognizing sexism.
(d) Lack of recognizing ageism.

7. What did Cone say was a "danger that pervades the leadership expectations of the African-American community"?
(a) The "Napoleon complex".
(b) The "Messiah complex".
(c) The "Prophet complex".
(d) The "Destiny plan".

8. According to King, "Nobody could ride your back unless" it is what?
(a) Tired.
(b) Broken.
(c) Bent.
(d) Harnessed.

9. For how many days did Muhammad silence Malcolm for his comments on the assassination that he had been forbidden to speak about?
(a) 60.
(b) 365.
(c) 90.
(d) 30.

10. According to Malcolm in an address to African-Americans, "All of us are black first" and what second?
(a) American.
(b) Human beings.
(c) Everything else.
(d) Men.

11. When did Malcolm announce his break with the Nation of Islam?
(a) June 17, 1971.
(b) March 8, 1964.
(c) April 26, 1969.
(d) July 4, 1967.

12. In what year was Martin Luther King, Jr. assassinated?
(a) 1970.
(b) 1965.
(c) 1961.
(d) 1968.

13. Who made the following statement: "If King loses, worse leaders are going to take his place"?
(a) Kennedy.
(b) Malcolm.
(c) Elijah Muhammad.
(d) Eisenhower.

14. Who made the following statement: "Yes, I am personally the victim of deferred dreams, of blasted hopes"?
(a) Elijah Muhammad.
(b) Rosa Parks.
(c) Martin Luther King, Jr.
(d) Malcolm X.

15. According to Cone in Chapter 8, what separated King from Malcolm?
(a) Love.
(b) Understanding.
(c) Optimism.
(d) Pride.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Cone say were the "outward signs of an inward transformation"? (Chapter 11)

2. After the 1965 riots in the Los Angeles ghetto, how many "Americas" did Martin Luther King, Jr. come to realize there were?

3. According to Cone, to whom was Malcolm's most important audience during his last year?

4. Who made the following statement found in Chapter 11: "The price of freedom is death"?

5. What did blacks believe having faith in would deliver them from the KKK and other white hate groups?

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