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Charles W. Henderson
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Short Answer Questions

1. What item gives the sniper away to Hathcock?

2. Hathcock goes on what kind of mission?

3. What skills does this old friend have?

4. Where does Hathcock get shot?

5. What is another term for "secretive"?

Short Essay Questions

1. What incident causes Hathcock to get into hot water with his commander?

2. What happens while Hathcock is on restriction? What request is made by Hathcock?

3. What is Hathcock's answer when an intelligence officer asks about his shooting accuracy?

4. How is the platoon viewed by others? What is a common duty for the platoon?

5. Describe the scene in which Hathcock makes a legendary shot.

6. How does Land react to Hathcock's actions?

7. How does Hathcock take the information given by the spy?

8. Who steps forward to help Hathcock in this new venture?

9. How does Hathcock handle the situation with the new platoon?

10. What information was gained from the enemy spy? Who is in the most danger?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Hathcock and Burke are shocked by the presence of the young troop of NVA soldiers. Explain the scenario and why the men thought it might be a trap. What was the most surprising thing about the confrontation? Who showed the strongest military prowess? How might the situation have turned out differently? What could the NVA have done to reduce or eliminate casualties?

Essay Topic 2

In addition to physical damage and recovery, many soldiers face temporary or permanent psychological damage. Discuss this fact as it applies to the book. Who may have suffered from psychological damage? How did Hathcock deal with his psychological issues first when he returned stateside and attempted to become a civilian to each incident when he was injured? How did Hathcock handle it when he was discharged from the military?

Essay Topic 3

Examine carefully the story of the enemy sniper shot through the eye. Discuss the various arguments stating that the shot made by Hathcock could not have been possible considering the location, trajectory, etc. Also examine how a forensic scientist would be able to determine if Hathcock's shot actually penetrated the scope and the eye of the enemy sniper. How could it be proven? What tests would be required? How accurate would the results be? How would Hathcock's legendary image change if the kill was proven false?

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