Objects & Places from Marine Sniper

Charles W. Henderson
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This is an infantry soldier or serviceman who specializes in shooting from concealed positions at longer ranges than normal. .


This is a sniper's partner, the second man in a two man team.

Vietnam War

This event occurred from 1959 to 1975.

Sniper Log

This is a dog-eared, green notebook carried by Hathcock.

Viet Cong

This is another name for The National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam.

Sniper Rifle

This is a specialized weapon.

Operation Rio Blanco

This event involved elements of the U.S. Marines, the ROK Marines, and the ROK Army, capturing area in the region along Song Tro Khuc.


This is the name of a dog adopted by McAbee.

The Burning Amtrac

This object occurs after a collision with a land mine.

Sport Shark Fishing

Hathcock turns to this activity as an avenue of excitement and meaning.

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