Marine Sniper Fun Activities

Charles W. Henderson
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Read The Red Badge of Courage

Read THE RED BADGE OF COURAGE, one of the most accurate fictional books on war.

Study Weapons

Study various types of military weapons used in battle throughout history.

Watch a Forensics Show

Watch a forensics show to see how guns and other weapons are examined.

Write a Short Story

Write a short story, essay or journal page about how pride has affected your life. Was the experience negative or positive?

Visit a Soldier

Visit a soldier in an army or VA hospital in your area to see firsthand how soldiers are treated and how the facility operates.

Collect Feathers

Go around your neighborhood and collect whatever feathers you can find. Identify them.

Examine Military Uniforms

Examine how military uniforms have changed in various areas over the years. Include combat fatigues, dress uniforms, etc. Compare today's uniforms with those worn in ancient times...

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