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Chapter 1

• MARGRET HOWTH: A STORY OF TO-DAY is a story of life in a textile mill town in Indiana in the early-1860s.

• The novel begins with the narrator, 20-year-old Margret Howth, explaining that she is about to tell a story of To-Day.

• Margret's world is a bleak one where hunger and poverty rule and she hopes that someday people will read her story and know the anguish of her life and times.

• Margret's impetus for writing the book is the discovery of some old journals which take her mind back to October of 1860 when she worked in accounting at a woolen textile mill called Knowles & Co.

• The mill is owned by Dr. Knowles who is a friend of Margret's father.

• Dr. Knowles has known Margret all her life and knows that she has given up the idea of love and marriage for the sake of supporting her...

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