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Objective: Suitcase (Birth) Kobo Abe is a Japanese playwright and director. He was also a photographer and inventor. Today's objective will study the biographic information of Abe.

1) Class Discussion: This book is a collection of three of Abe's plays. Do you know anything about the author, Kobo Abe? What from his name do you believe his cultural history might include? Do you suspect that Abe will include his heritage in his plays? Why or why not?

2) Group Research Project: Research, via the internet or at the library, the history of Abe. Information should include his early childhood, his career moves, his important works and his most recent years. Ask the students to present information to the class.

3) Individual Creative Writing: Write briefly about what you believe led Abe to write these plays. Why do the students think Abe felt the reader would enjoy these plays?

4) Homework: Journal...

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