The Man Who Turned Into a Stick Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapter Abstracts

* Suitcase

* The play opens with two women sitting at a table.

* One woman is called Woman and the other Visitor.

* Woman is married and Visitor is not.

* An offstage voice discusses Mona Lisa and compares her smile to armor.

* The offstage voice congratulates Mona Lisa on her 490th birthday.

* Woman tells visitor she has cat hair stuck to her elbow. Visitor says she hates cats.

* The offstage voice returns and tells the women not to forget their smiles. He compares their smiles to masks.

* After a brief conversation about Woman's husband, Woman brings a suitcase on stage. The suitcase is a man.

* Woman tells Visitor that the suitcase belongs to her husband.

* Woman does not know what is in the suitcase.

* Visitor believes the suitcase is a test of Woman's faith in her husband.

* The suitcase begins to make noises and Visitor wants to know what...

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