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Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Mrs. Whitaker?

2. What does Mrs. Norris do to help the young people with the play?

3. Where is Fanny's bedroom?

4. How old is Fanny Price when she goes to live at Mansfield Park?

5. When does Maria set a tentative date for her wedding?

Short Essay Questions

1. Does Sir Thomas find William to be an engaging guest in his home?

2. How is Fanny redeemed in her decision to reject Henry's marriage proposal?

3. Is Mrs. Rushworth happy to leave Sotherton?

4. Describe the East Room that Fanny uses for her own room at Mansfield Park.

5. How does Mr. Rushworth make a good impression on Sir Thomas after he returns home?

6. What does Edmund say when Henry asks to rent Thornton Lacey?

7. What happens when Fanny's pony dies?

8. What happens when Tom goes to London?

9. What is Fanny's reaction when she sees the Sotherton chapel?

10. How is it that Fanny receives two chains to wear with the amber cross that William gave her?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Analyze Tom and Mrs. Norris' behavior toward Fanny regarding the play. What does their behavior suggest about their view of Fanny as a person they can influence? What is Fanny's reaction to their manipulative ways?

Essay Topic 2

Fanny and Edmund have always provided solace to each other during difficult times. Discuss how Edmund comforts Fanny when she comes to live at Mansfield Park. How does he take her under his wing? In what ways does Fanny show her love for Edmund by giving him solace when he needs it? Provide textual examples to support your viewpoint.

Essay Topic 3

Analyze the use of letters in this story. In what way does the author use letters as a method for advancing the plot and revealing important information? Identify two or three letters that are central to the plot's advancement and discuss how these letters change Fanny's life.

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