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Short Answer Questions

1. Whom does Tom want to play the role of Cottager's Wife?

2. When Mr. Rushworth leaves Henry and Maria alone on the grounds of Sotherton, what do they do?

3. What kind of play do Tom and Mary want to perform?

4. What does Mrs. Grant say she is not pleased to see regarding the acting roles in the play?

5. Who has impressive horseback-riding skills?

Short Essay Questions

1. Is Mary an excellent horseback rider?

2. Does Edmund show Fanny kindness when she has a headache?

3. What causes a rift between the Ward sisters?

4. How do Maria and Tom receive the news that Edmund will perform in the play after all?

5. How does Edmund provide comfort to Fanny at Mansfield Park when she first arrives?

6. Does Mrs. Grant believe that Maria is interested in Henry?

7. Is Mary surprised that Edmund plans to be ordained?

8. Why does Maria want to marry Mr. Rushworth?

9. Describe the East Room that Fanny uses for her own room at Mansfield Park.

10. Describe Mary Crawford.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss Tom's role as the oldest son of Sir Thomas. How has being the elder son given Tom the freedom to behave selfishly? In what way does Sir Thomas encourage this behavior? How does his illness change him, and why is his transformation important to Sir Thomas? Provide specific examples to support your ideas.

Essay Topic 2

Discuss Fanny's positive influence on her sister Susan. How does Fanny rescue Susan and provide guidance that will be important to her later in the story? What role does Susan take on in the Bertram family? Does it mirror Fanny's earlier role? How so?

Essay Topic 3

Fanny believes that love is important in a marriage. Discuss her belief as it relates to her own marriage to Edmund. Do you think they are well-suited? Why or why not? Provide textual examples to support your opinion.

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