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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Edmund look when he arrives at the Price's house?
(a) Sleepy.
(b) Ill.
(c) Handsome.
(d) Cheerful.

2. What does Mr. Price offer to give Henry a tour of?
(a) Dockyard.
(b) Hardware store.
(c) Fishing boat.
(d) Farmer's market.

3. What news does William learn as soon as he arrives at his parents' home with Fanny?
(a) He is needed in another town.
(b) His ship left the harbour.
(c) A letter has arrived for him.
(d) He has been promoted.

4. Who is invited to Mansfield Park when Fanny is asked to return with Edmund?
(a) John.
(b) Mrs. Price.
(c) Rebecca.
(d) Susan.

5. What kind of manner does Fanny have that makes Henry believe that she might love him?
(a) Flirtatious.
(b) Gentle.
(c) Expressive.
(d) Romantic.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who teaches Fanny a card game at the Parsonage?

2. What does Mrs. Norris suggest she might do that horrifies William and Fanny before they leave for Portsmouth?

3. Where is Fanny often invited after Maria and Julia leave Mansfield Park?

4. What does Henry tell Mary that he is determined to do regarding Fanny?

5. How long does Edmund plan to be gone when he leaves the day after the ball?

Short Essay Questions

1. Is Mrs. Rushworth happy to leave Sotherton?

2. How does Mrs. Norris respond to Sir Thomas' criticisms about her allowing his children to put on a play?

3. How does Fanny learn of Maria and Henry's scandal?

4. What is Mary's response when Henry tells her he plans to ask Fanny to marry him?

5. What does Edmund tell Fanny about her decision to refuse Henry's marriage proposal?

6. How does Mary calm herself after she learns that Edmund will take his orders in a few weeks?

7. Why does Fanny plan to go to Portsmouth?

8. What does Edmund tell Sir Thomas about Fanny's role in the decision to perform a play in his absence?

9. Why does Edmund extend his stay with the Owens in Peterborough?

10. How does Fanny feel about returning to Mansfield Park?

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