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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What month does Sir Thomas plan to return from Antigua?
(a) July.
(b) April.
(c) March.
(d) November.

2. What does Fanny have on the wall of her room that William sent her?
(a) Sketch of a ship.
(b) Photograph of William.
(c) Pressed flowers.
(d) Painting of the Alps.

3. What vocation is Edmund planning?
(a) Merchant.
(b) Clergy.
(c) Law.
(d) Farming.

4. What does Tom Bertram do that Sir Thomas has to pay for at the beginning of the novel?
(a) Forgets to pay his debt to his tailor.
(b) Loses his horse.
(c) Racks up gambling debts.
(d) Loses all his schoolbooks.

5. Why is Fanny on the sofa when the others come back from dinner at the Parsonage?
(a) She has a headache.
(b) She has an upset stomach.
(c) She is recovering from a cold.
(d) She is sleeping.

6. What is Fanny's reaction to hearing the news that her uncle has returned?
(a) Overjoyed.
(b) Irritated.
(c) Fondness.
(d) Feels faint.

7. How old is Fanny Price when she goes to live at Mansfield Park?
(a) Thirteen.
(b) Ten.
(c) Twenty.
(d) Eight.

8. How does Maria feel when she sees Sotherton?
(a) Happy.
(b) Sad.
(c) Fearful.
(d) Neutral.

9. How old is Fanny when Mr. Norris dies?
(a) Fifteen.
(b) Twelve.
(c) Thirteen.
(d) Seventeen.

10. What role does Fanny play in Lady Bertram's life?
(a) Lady's maid.
(b) Cook.
(c) Servant.
(d) Companion.

11. Who is most interested in Mrs. Rushworth's tour of the house and its history?
(a) Fanny.
(b) Mrs. Norris.
(c) Maria.
(d) Lady Bertram.

12. What does Fanny think when Edmund decides to accept a part in the play?
(a) She laughs at the idea.
(b) She believes he will do a good job.
(c) She gives him her support.
(d) He has compromised himself for Mary.

13. Where does Sir Thomas discover Yates?
(a) Stables.
(b) Kitchen.
(c) Music room.
(d) The theater.

14. Who has impressive horseback-riding skills?
(a) Mrs. Norris.
(b) Fanny.
(c) Mary.
(d) Lady Bertram.

15. Who says, "I shall think her a very obstinate, ungrateful girl, if she does not do what her aunt and cousins wish her..."
(a) Mrs. Norris.
(b) Julia.
(c) Maria.
(d) Lady Bertram.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the narrator say Sir Thomas would think about Yates visiting his family at Mansfield Park?

2. What does Mrs. Grant say she is not pleased to see regarding the acting roles in the play?

3. What does Mr. Rushworth forget that he has to run back to his house for when he is walking with Maria and Henry?

4. What does Lady Bertram send to her sister before she has her ninth child?

5. How many miles is Sotherton from Mansfield Park?

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