Mansfield Park Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What causes a rift between the Ward sisters?

After Maria Ward and Miss Ward marry, their younger sister Frances marries Mr. Price, a lieutenant in the marines who is without education or wealth. It is considered a disadvantaged marriage. When the Prices move far from Mrs. Norris and Lady Bertram, a rift emerges and the sisters do not keep in touch.

2. Why does Fanny Price go to live at Mansfield Park?

At the age of 10, Fanny is sent to live at Mansfield Park. Her mother has asked her sisters to sponsor one of her nine children, and Mrs. Norris selects Fanny.

3. How does Edmund provide comfort to Fanny at Mansfield Park when she first arrives?

When she first arrives at Mansfield Park, Fanny is very unhappy and fearful about living with her handsome, confident relatives. She is lonely and misses her family, especially her brother William. Edmund finds her crying on some steps and talks with her about William and then gives her paper and a pen so she can write him a letter.

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