Mansfield Park Character Descriptions

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Fanny Price - This character acts shy and frightened when she moves in with another family at the age of 10.

Edmund Bertram - This character is the second son of a large family and plans to become a clergyman.

Maria Bertram - This beautiful character flirts with one character while being engaged to another.

Julia Bertram - This character elopes after a family member causes a scandal.

Tom Bertram - This character lives a carefree life until he almost dies from drinking too much.

Lady Bertram - This character leads a sedentary life and owns a pug.

Mrs. Norris - This character denies another character the comfort of a warm room.

Henry Crawford - This character causes a scandal by running away with a married character.

Mary Crawford - This character is lively, beautiful and plays the harp.

Sir Thomas Bertram - This character returns from Antigua...

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