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Chapters 1, 2, and 3

• Thirty years ago, Julia Ward made a good match with Sir Thomas Bertram of Mansfield Park.

• This match is expected to make her sister's fortunes more comfortable.

• The second-oldest sister marries a reverend, Mr. Norris, and they move to Mansfield, near the Bertrams.

• The youngest sister, Frances, makes a poor marriage with Mr. Price, a lieutenant in the marines without education, connections or wealth.

• The Prices live far from the other two families and a wedge forms.

• When Frances is expecting her ninth child, she writes her sisters asking if they could sponsor one of her children.

• The two older sisters act more kindly toward her and agree to sponsor her oldest daughter, Fanny.

• Fanny is 10 when she arrives at Mansfield Park.

• She has a difficult time making the transition to her new home; Edmund helps her feel more comfortable.
• Mr. Norris dies when Fanny is...

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