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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2, Scene 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. For whom is the Common Man working in Scene 5?
(a) Wolsey.
(b) Roper.
(c) More.
(d) Cranmer.

2. Who gives More his chains of office before his visitor arrives?
(a) Alice.
(b) Cromwell.
(c) Chapuys.
(d) Margaret.

3. Why does Rich say he will keep the secret of Cromwell's new position?
(a) To protect More.
(b) To get out of his bribe.
(c) Out of friendship.
(d) In return for money.

4. What happens to a few of the people who stand against the new church?
(a) They are tortured.
(b) They are imprisoned.
(c) They are executed.
(d) They are deported.

5. How do most people view the new Chancellor?
(a) They think he is a Saint.
(b) They think he is a heretic.
(c) They think he is an angel.
(d) The think he is a traitor.

Short Answer Questions

1. What special permission did King Henry get for his first marriage?

2. What is the name of More's daughter?

3. What is the first name of More's daughter's suitor?

4. The new church called a compromise of ______________.

5. What does Norfolk say More does not think about with his actions?

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