A Man for All Seasons Character Descriptions

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Attendant to Signor Chapuys - This character is present to indicate the status of the Spanish Ambassador.

Signor Chapuys (sha-pwees) - This character appears to do little more in the play than walk on at key moments to testify.

The Common Man - This character is a pot-bellied, middle-aged man, a base and crafty figure who dons different costumes to enact certain roles.

Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury - This character swears the jailer in oath to report any treason spoken by the main character against the king.

Thomas Cromwell - This character is assigned the unwelcome task of bringing the main character around to accepting the King's annulment.

Duke of Norfold - This character is a worldly man who enjoys gaming and who recognizes his own moral and intellectual insignificance.

Howard - This is the common name of the main character's good friend.

King Henry, VIII...

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