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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Abendsen's novel, what problem has been solved as a result of the Allies' victory?
(a) British colonization.
(b) American racism.
(c) Global warming.
(d) Religious differences.

2. What does Joe tell Juliana was the reason he picked her to be with him?
(a) She knows where Frank has been hiding.
(b) She fits the profile of what attracts Abendsen.
(c) He needs a hostage in order to escape.
(d) He thought he deserved a little fun.

3. What does Abendsen's novel envision the American work force as being?
(a) Respected and well compensated.
(b) Made up of robots.
(c) On a volunteer basis.
(d) Equal in pay and ability.

4. What does Juliana forget to do when she speaks to Abendsen's wife?
(a) Get directions.
(b) Ask if Abendsen is there.
(c) Mention the assassination plot.
(d) Give her Joe's message.

5. After telling Tagomi he can't return his Colt .44, what does Childan promise him the jewelry he buys will bring him?
(a) A return to material desires.
(b) A sense of renewal.
(c) Protection from his enemies.
(d) A rise in popularity.

Short Answer Questions

1. When speaking to Betty Kasoura at her home, how is Childan feeling about her?

2. Why does Childan feel the Edfrank jewelry could give him an edge on the market?

3. What is different about Joe's hair when he comes out of the barbershop?

4. In Chapter 7, why are the police waiting for Childan when he returns home from the dinner?

5. What does Tagomi feel he can no longer do now that his most prized possession has been tainted with evil?

Short Essay Questions

1. Frank thinks Juliana may be able to help him and McCarthy sell their jewelry. He looks at this relationship as being strictly business. What qualities does he see in her that could be helpful? What does this further reveal about her character? Do you feel this is the real reason he would like to contact her?

2. In Chapter 8, upon entering the Kasoura neighborhood, Childan thinks to himself, "I do not belong here." In what way is this statement true? What does the author draw upon from actual history to depict this scene?

3. Back in the park, Tagomi thinks of his perception of the world as an optical distortion saying, "our space and our time creations of our own psyche, and when these momentarily falter ... all sense of balance is gone." What does this mean? How does it relate to Tagomi's present state of mind?

4. The Kasouras seem to be obsessed with the American way and their American guest and go out of their way to treat him as an equal. How is this demonstrated? What aspect of early 1960s America does this reflect?

5. As her concern about Joe and his real identity and intentions grow, Juliana's thoughts revert to Frank. First, she thinks, "Frank. Help me. I'm into something I don't understand." A bit later she informs Joe, "My husband is a Jew." What does this suggest about her feelings about Frank? What is further revealed about her character?

6. In Chapter 13, when Juliana questions the change in Joe's appearance, he replies, "I'm tired of being a wop." What changes in Joe does she witness? How can his statement be interpreted in more than one way? What is being implied here?

7. Vom Meere tells Reiss he received an anonymous phone call from a Japanese official regarding an appointment with a Swedish industrialist. Who most likely made this call? Why? How does this later impact on him?

8. As Juliana continues to read The Grasshopper Lies Heavy, the reader learns more of its contents. What are some ways Abendsen has changed the history of his world? What do Juliana's and Joe's reactions to these changes say about each of them?

9. In Chapter 8, Reiss receives two messages about individuals who have come into the PSA. What does he learn? What can we assume as a result?

10. Reiss speaks about the "power of fiction" and sees The Grasshopper Lies Heavy as dangerous. In what way can it be dangerous?

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