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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Frank decide to do as a result of the Oracle's message?
(a) Live life as best he can.
(b) Seek Childan's business advice.
(c) Beg to get his job back.
(d) Send a message to Juliana.

2. What is rumored about Germany that concerns both Tagomi and Juliana?
(a) Germany is about to invade the Pacific States.
(b) Germany is about to break communication channels.
(c) Germany is aligning itself with China.
(d) Germany is going to lose its leader.

3. At the start of Chapter 6, Juliana attributes the healthier appearance of the Germans as depicted in a magazine article as proof of _____________.
(a) Technological advancements.
(b) A healthier diet.
(c) A rigid military training.
(d) Effective propaganda techniques.

4. What makes Juliana question the fact that Joe says he is reading The Grasshopper Lies Heavy?
(a) It is banned where he comes from.
(b) He is an uneducated truck driver.
(c) It is approved only for the elite.
(d) She never sees him actually reading.

5. What does Tagomi receive that makes him become suspicious of Baynes's real intentions?
(a) A military briefing.
(b) A coded message.
(c) An unsigned letter.
(d) An anonymous phone call.

Short Answer Questions

1. As Chapter 2 opens, what is Tagomi consulting the I Ching about?

2. How do the Kasouras differ from Tagomi in their treatment of Childan?

3. What is revealed about Baynes when the young driver tries to make conversation with him in Chapter 5?

4. When Childan returns to his office in Chapter 4, who does the client waiting for him claim to represent?

5. What is Wyndam-Matson certain of when he hears Calvin's complaint?

Short Essay Questions

1. Chapter 1 introduces the setting of the novel as being in San Francisco twenty years after World War II. What signs are there that there has been a different outcome to this war from the history as we know it?

2. Bigotry is common and accepted without question in the former United States of Philip Dick's world. How does the author reveal this? What seems to be the reason behind this?

3. The voice of the radio quotes from The Bible, "What profit it a man if he gain the whole world but in this enterprise lose his soul?" How does this apply to what we have witnessed of this world in Chapter 1?

4. What does the reader learn about the fate of the Slavs and Africans? In what way is Dick continuing to keep his "fiction" tied to reality? What comment might he be making about some of the realities of true USA history?

5. While at a special session about the possible candidates for the new German Chancellor, Tagomi becomes ill and leaves. What factors cause him to take the chance of being shamed by his abrupt departure?

6. Childan says of the Kasouras, "these new young people, of the rising generation, who did not remember the days before the war or even the war itself, - they were the hope of the world." What is meant by this? How do the Kasouras appear to prove him right?

7. Juliana responds to the radio commentary about the potential new Chancellor by saying, "Those murderers are talked about as if they are like the rest of us." Joe responds,"There isn't anything they've done that we wouldn't have done if we'd been in their places." What does Joe mean by this? What proof has Joe offered to support his opinion?

8. How is the mystery client that comes to place an expensive order with Childan described? What appears to be his real purpose? Who can you assume this client to be, and why is he doing this?

9. When told by the university that "there is a regular industry turning out these fakes," Childan gets angry and insists that this is only a rumor. Why is he in such denial even when the proof lies before him?

10. How does Baynes react to Tagomi's apartment? How do his thoughts and reactions to Tagomi's possessions and comments further define his character?

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