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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Childan feel the Edfrank jewelry could give him an edge on the market?
(a) It is unique and handmade.
(b) It is cheap and plentiful.
(c) It is common and desirable.
(d) It is mysterious and bold.

2. When speaking to Betty Kasoura at her home, how is Childan feeling about her?
(a) Infatuated.
(b) Distrustful.
(c) Superior.
(d) Sympathetic.

3. What does Tagomi fear about The Oracle that has him so upset?
(a) It has given up on mankind.
(b) It has made a fool of him.
(c) It has manipulated him to betray his country.
(d) It has outlived its usefulness.

4. In Chapter 13, what does Juliana come to realize as the real job for which Joe was hired?
(a) To return her to Frank.
(b) To destroy the American territories.
(c) To kill Hawthorne Abendsen.
(d) To deliver Frank to the Germans.

5. In Chapter 8, who is Police Chief vom Meere looking for when he calls Reiss's office?
(a) A high official of the Trade Mission.
(b) An undercover Jew of the Abwehr.
(c) A candidate under consideration for chancellor.
(d) The head of W-M Corporation.

6. When Tagomi inquires about General Tedeki in Chapter 14, he learns Tedeki is ________________.
(a) In a German prison.
(b) Still in his building.
(c) On his way back to Tokyo.
(d) Enjoying a deserved retirement.

7. While dining with the Kasouras, what word does Childan use to initially describe his own behavior?
(a) Supportive.
(b) Robotic.
(c) Charming.
(d) Barbaric

8. In Chapter 12, why has Frank decided to quit the jewelry business?
(a) McCarthy's partnering with Childan.
(b) He realizes he has no talent.
(c) Nothing has been sold.
(d) Juliana has contacted him.

9. In Chapter 11, what does Childan hear regarding Betty Kasoura that disappoints him?
(a) She is separating from Paul.
(b) She is returning to Japan.
(c) She never received the jewelry.
(d) She never cared for Childan.

10. Why does Reiss resent his orders to cooperate with the police?
(a) He feels it is a waste of time.
(b) He opposes the leader chosen by the Reich.
(c) Vom Meere has spread lies about him.
(d) Vom Meere has gone over his head.

11. In Chapter 10, as Juliana reads from The Grasshopper Lies Heavy, in what area does she discover the fictional Americans are like the Germans of her world?
(a) Technological advancement.
(b) Agricultural production.
(c) Educational opportunity.
(d) Cultural achievements.

12. What is different about Joe's hair when he comes out of the barbershop?
(a) It is straightened and trimmed.
(b) It is hidden by a wig.
(c) It is completely shaved off.
(d) It is short and blond.

13. What feeling best describes Juliana's reaction to Joe's explanation about his cash supply?
(a) Acceptance.
(b) Relief.
(c) Shame.
(d) Doubt.

14. According to Abendsen's novel, what problem has been solved as a result of the Allies' victory?
(a) British colonization.
(b) Religious differences.
(c) Global warming.
(d) American racism.

15. In Chapter 9, where does Joe suggest he and Juliana go?
(a) To Italy to visit his family.
(b) To New York for better jobs.
(c) To San Francisco and find Frank.
(d) To Denver to shop and play.

Short Answer Questions

1. As Chapter 7 closes, what gives Childan a feeling of "excitement and anticipation?"

2. In Chapter 12, what happens while Tagomi and his visitors meet in his office?

3. As Chapter 10 closes, how does Tagomi's message from the I Ching come true?

4. The fate of what real group of people does Childan's statement, "I am an outsider in my own country" bring to mind?

5. Having a shadow cut off the sun just as Tagomi begins to read into the sun's effect on the jewelry in order to emphasize his mood is an example of the use of what literary device?

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