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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What surprises Tagomi about Mr. Yatabe, whose real name is Tedeki?
(a) He is an award winning scientist.
(b) He is a highly respected professor.
(c) He is a high ranking Japanese general.
(d) He is a supposedly deceased politician.

2. Tagomi informs Reiss that Reiss's country is about to _________.
(a) Exile Reiss.
(b) Commit evil.
(c) Explode.
(d) Surrender.

3. While dining with the Kasouras, what word does Childan use to initially describe his own behavior?
(a) Supportive.
(b) Barbaric
(c) Robotic.
(d) Charming.

4. What does the raised eyebrow and slight smile Childan detects on Paul's face after having demanded an apology from him suggest?
(a) Mocking criticism.
(b) Pleasant surprise.
(c) Secret warning.
(d) Shaken superiority.

5. What does Tagomi feel he can no longer do now that his most prized possession has been tainted with evil?
(a) Oversee trade deals.
(b) Trust anyone.
(c) Live in his home.
(d) Be a collector.

6. As Childan sits on the carpet with the Kasouras, what do his thoughts reveal about how he has resolved his earlier merchandise problems?
(a) He is getting reimbursed by Calvin.
(b) He is moving to another location.
(c) He is buying from Wyndam-Matson.
(d) He is finding a new supplier.

7. At the meeting in Tagomi's office, what information does Wegener share with Tedeki and Tagomi?
(a) Japan is about to be attacked.
(b) Americans are planning an uprising.
(c) Germany now heads the PSA.
(d) San Francisco has become a neutral zone.

8. As Chapter 10 closes, how does Tagomi's message from the I Ching come true?
(a) Childan's gift has been delivered.
(b) Ramsey is actually the spy.
(c) Mr. Yatabe has finally arrived.
(d) His office has been wiretapped.

9. What does Tagomi do to spite Reiss?
(a) Signs for the release of Frank.
(b) Makes an appointment with vom Meere.
(c) Reports him to the Third Reich.
(d) Communicates only through his assistant.

10. Why does McCarthy, rather than Frank, go to Childan's shop to market their jewelry?
(a) Childan might recognize Frank.
(b) Frank is busy producing more.
(c) Childan is a childhood friend.
(d) McCarthy is more sociable.

11. What does the conversation between Childan and the Kasouras tell the reader has happened to the most humanitarian of the candidates for new Chancellor, von Schirach?
(a) He has been imprisoned.
(b) He has been exiled.
(c) He is dead.
(d) He is in hiding.

12. What is Frank doing as Chapter 14 ends?
(a) Working again for Wyndam-Matson.
(b) Entering a prison camp.
(c) Leaving to find his ex-wife.
(d) Returning to the jewelry business.

13. In Chapter 9, where does Joe suggest he and Juliana go?
(a) To San Francisco and find Frank.
(b) To Denver to shop and play.
(c) To New York for better jobs.
(d) To Italy to visit his family.

14. In Chapter 11, who is revealed to be the mystery Abwehr, Rudolf Wegener?
(a) Nobuke Tagomi.
(b) Joe Cinnadella.
(c) Herr Baynes.
(d) Frank Frink.

15. What do Baynes's thoughts tell the reader about Mr. Yatabe at the end of Chapter 10?
(a) He is in the SD.
(b) He is a business executive.
(c) Tagomi already knows him.
(d) Baynes works for him.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Childan feel he must read The Grasshopper Lies Heavy?

2. As Chapter 7 closes, what gives Childan a feeling of "excitement and anticipation?"

3. What about Joe surprises Juliana as Chapter 13 opens?

4. Because he feels The Grasshopper Lies Heavy is a dangerous book, what does Reiss think should happen to its author?

5. What type of person does Reiss conclude must have written The Grasshopper Lies Heavy?

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