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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. While Tagomi studies the jewelry he purchased, what does he come to understand as the real power of a true artist?
(a) Disguising world suffering.
(b) Perpetuating life's lies.
(c) Imitating his natural surroundings.
(d) Bringing the dead to life.

2. After McCarthy shows Childan the Edfrank jewelry, Childan decides to _________________.
(a) Buy the entire stock.
(b) Rent a space in a shop.
(c) Take it on consignment.
(d) Use it as a window display.

3. At the start of Chapter 10, what is Baynes's thinking his private meeting in Tagomi's office could mean for him?
(a) Fame and government promotion.
(b) Imprisonment and probable death.
(c) Exile and public shame.
(d) Success and great wealth.

4. In Chapter 8, who is Police Chief vom Meere looking for when he calls Reiss's office?
(a) A candidate under consideration for chancellor.
(b) The head of W-M Corporation.
(c) An undercover Jew of the Abwehr.
(d) A high official of the Trade Mission.

5. What does the raised eyebrow and slight smile Childan detects on Paul's face after having demanded an apology from him suggest?
(a) Pleasant surprise.
(b) Mocking criticism.
(c) Shaken superiority.
(d) Secret warning.

6. What do Juliana and Joe argue over after entering their hotel room?
(a) Juliana's taste in clothing.
(b) Their lack of funds.
(c) Joe's disregard for privacy.
(d) Joe's change in plans.

7. After having dinner with the Kasouras, Childan says he no longer feels________________.
(a) Useless.
(b) Ignored.
(c) Saddened
(d) Intimidated.

8. In Chapter 12, what happens while Tagomi and his visitors meet in his office?
(a) He is informed of a bomb scare.
(b) He receives a call from Reiss.
(c) Ramsey is caught listening in.
(d) Armed guards come storming in.

9. At the meeting in Tagomi's office, what information does Wegener share with Tedeki and Tagomi?
(a) Germany now heads the PSA.
(b) Americans are planning an uprising.
(c) San Francisco has become a neutral zone.
(d) Japan is about to be attacked.

10. Why does McCarthy, rather than Frank, go to Childan's shop to market their jewelry?
(a) Frank is busy producing more.
(b) Childan is a childhood friend.
(c) Childan might recognize Frank.
(d) McCarthy is more sociable.

11. What about Joe surprises Juliana as Chapter 13 opens?
(a) His abrupt departure.
(b) His demanding behavior.
(c) His questionable guests.
(d) His mysterious phone call.

12. How does Childan feel about the offer made by Paul's business associates?
(a) Cheated.
(b) Insulted.
(c) Excited.
(d) Flattered.

13. The fate of what real group of people does Childan's statement, "I am an outsider in my own country" bring to mind?
(a) Polish Immigrants.
(b) European pioneers.
(c) African slaves.
(d) Native Americans.

14. In Chapter 11, who is revealed to be the mystery Abwehr, Rudolf Wegener?
(a) Frank Frink.
(b) Herr Baynes.
(c) Nobuke Tagomi.
(d) Joe Cinnadella.

15. What is Frank doing as Chapter 14 ends?
(a) Entering a prison camp.
(b) Leaving to find his ex-wife.
(c) Returning to the jewelry business.
(d) Working again for Wyndam-Matson.

Short Answer Questions

1. Toward the end of Chapter 12, what does Tagomi realize about Reiss and vom Meere?

2. What does Chapter 9 reveal about how the earlier incident at Childan's store has left him feeling?

3. As Chapter 7 closes, what gives Childan a feeling of "excitement and anticipation?"

4. According to Abendsen's novel, what problem has been solved as a result of the Allies' victory?

5. What does the conversation between Childan and the Kasouras tell the reader has happened to the most humanitarian of the candidates for new Chancellor, von Schirach?

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