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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is it about Ramsey that makes Tagomi unwilling to share all the information about Baynes with him?
(a) He is considered lower in social status.
(b) He is suspected to be a spy.
(c) He is said to be friends with Baynes.
(d) He is known to be a gossip.

2. What irony exists in Ray Calvin's angry call to William-Matson about Childan's complaint?
(a) Childan was mastermind of the plan.
(b) Calvin was aware of the truth.
(c) Calvin owns W-M Corporation.
(d) Wyndam-Matson works for Childan.

3. What does Frank's memory of the landlord Omuro being beheaded by the Japanese Mission because of profiteering off ex-servicemen say about the Japanese?
(a) They desire wealth.
(b) They are loyal to their religion.
(c) They respect the law.
(d) They are cruel to Americans.

4. What is Frank Frink worrying about when the reader first meets him?
(a) Angering his wife.
(b) Finding his friend.
(c) Buying a home.
(d) Losing his job.

5. Joe's comments about the war and the Germans show that he is opposed to ___________.
(a) Communism.
(b) Fascism.
(c) Socialism.
(d) Capitalism.

6. What other name does the I Ching go by?
(a) The Oracle.
(b) The Justification Committee.
(c) The Mission of Inquiry.
(d) The Reich.

7. What are the pincos of Sacramento described as being?
(a) The puppet white government.
(b) An underground network of spies.
(c) A powerful mobster organization.
(d) The lower class farm laborers.

8. How does Wyndam-Matson's feel about "historicity"?
(a) It is contradictory.
(b) It is inescapable.
(c) It is hurtful.
(d) It is meaningless.

9. What does Frank's question to the I Ching about Juliana suggest?
(a) He feels ashamed he never approached her.
(b) He wants to avenge her captor.
(c) He wishes they were still together.
(d) He regrets putting wealth above her love.

10. What is the Nuremberg Law responsible for as revealed through Juliana?
(a) The rise in farming back East.
(b) The separation of her and her husband.
(c) The expulsion of Jews in New York.
(d) The fighting between Japan and Germany.

11. As Chapter 6 closes, what does the manila envelope that Frank and McCarthy receive contain?
(a) A court order.
(b) A certified check.
(c) A manufacturer's contract.
(d) A government permit.

12. What does Rita, Wyndam-Matson's girlfriend, suggest that he should do to handle the problem which he learned about from Calvin?
(a) Murder the supplier.
(b) Confront the accuser.
(c) Bribe the police.
(d) Escape to Canada.

13. What image set forth in The Grasshopper Lies Heavy seems to upset Joe the most?
(a) Japan as greedy.
(b) Germany as a hero.
(c) Italy as a traitor.
(d) The USA as a weakling.

14. What does Childan do as a result of what he has learned from the university in Chapter 4?
(a) He seeks reimbursement from his supplier.
(b) He decides to close his shop.
(c) He hires an armed night watchman.
(d) He files an anonymous police report.

15. What word best describes Childan's overall opinion of the Germans?
(a) Gratitude
(b) Anger
(c) Distrust.
(d) Admiration.

Short Answer Questions

1. What Axis power is most accepting of The Grasshopper Lies Heavy?

2. Who does Rita note her parents said would have won WW II if he had lived?

3. What does Childan's mystery client wish to purchase?

4. How does the discussion between Joe and Juliana, inspired by Abendsen's novel, leave Juliana feeling?

5. How would you describe the feelings attached to Juliana's and Joe's memories of "living under the Nazis"?

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