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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What technique is used in Chapter 4 to introduce the reader to the character of Wyndam-Matson?
(a) Chronology.
(b) Anecdote.
(c) Metaphor.
(d) Contrast.

2. According to Childan, what is special about some of the people his shop gives him the opportunity to meet?
(a) They can raise his social status.
(b) They are willing to help others.
(c) They share in his political views.
(d) They see him as a man.

3. What does the young driver's discovery about the character of Baynes suggest about the novel?
(a) The setting will shift to Europe.
(b) The plot may move in a new direction.
(c) The main conflict is about to be resolved.
(d) The point of view will change.

4. In Chapter 4, what does McCarthy encourage Frank to do?
(a) Challenge Wyndam-Matson in court.
(b) Make use of his talents.
(c) Go study for a new trade.
(d) Work as though nothing has happened.

5. What is Wyndam-Matson certain of when he hears Calvin's complaint?
(a) Childan is only looking for money.
(b) He will never be found out.
(c) Frank and McCarthy are behind this.
(d) Calvin will go to the police.

6. What does McCarthy tell Frank he has a plan to get for their business?
(a) Materials from an old friend.
(b) Financing from their former boss.
(c) Approval from the Japanese Ministry.
(d) Shop space from an uncle.

7. What does Juliana suggest to Joe is the reason for his overall bitter attitude?
(a) His family has disowned him.
(b) His mentors have been imprisoned.
(c) His friends have deserted him.
(d) His idols are now gone.

8. What does the author use to establish the relationship between Frank and McCarthy, his foreman?
(a) Another character's observations.
(b) Physical description.
(c) First person point-of-view.
(d) Conversational dialog.

9. What does Childan learn about the carrier ship Syokaku from the Tokyo Herald?
(a) It is docked in Tokyo.
(b) It sunk years ago.
(c) It is en route to Germany.
(d) It never existed.

10. As Chapter 6 closes, what does the manila envelope that Frank and McCarthy receive contain?
(a) A manufacturer's contract.
(b) A certified check.
(c) A court order.
(d) A government permit.

11. What does Childan's mystery client wish to purchase?
(a) Pre-war political buttons.
(b) Antique American furniture.
(c) Authentic Civil War guns.
(d) An ancient treasure map.

12. For what reason does Tagomi think Baynes is coming to visit him?
(a) To share technological information.
(b) To mediate peace negotiations.
(c) To arrange for a trade agreement.
(d) To seek release of political prisoners.

13. What does Frank's use of the I Ching suggest about him?
(a) He has no one to talk to.
(b) He is of Oriental heritage.
(c) He yearns for Japanese acceptance.
(d) He puts faith in its advice.

14. How does Mrs. Kasoura seem to Childan?
(a) Intelligent.
(b) Bashful.
(c) Standoffish.
(d) Attractive.

15. What is it about Ramsey that makes Tagomi unwilling to share all the information about Baynes with him?
(a) He is considered lower in social status.
(b) He is said to be friends with Baynes.
(c) He is known to be a gossip.
(d) He is suspected to be a spy.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Childan most likely have the fresh marigolds and background music playing in his shop?

2. What best describes the territory of the Rocky Mountain States?

3. Why does Childan send samples of his merchandise to the university?

4. What is discovered as being the source of W-M Corporation's real profit?

5. What is Childan in the business of selling?

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