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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. While visiting with Tagomi in Chapter 5, what does Baynes feel regret about?
(a) An airline conversation.
(b) The cultural prejudice.
(c) A political action.
(d) A public speech.

2. What is it about Ramsey that makes Tagomi unwilling to share all the information about Baynes with him?
(a) He is said to be friends with Baynes.
(b) He is considered lower in social status.
(c) He is known to be a gossip.
(d) He is suspected to be a spy.

3. What is discovered about his merchandise that causes Childan to lose a major deal?
(a) It is fake.
(b) It is undeliverable.
(c) It is stolen.
(d) It is unwanted.

4. How does Mrs. Kasoura seem to Childan?
(a) Attractive.
(b) Bashful.
(c) Standoffish.
(d) Intelligent.

5. What does Baynes make clear to Tagomi in Chapter 5 about Mr. Yatabe's visit?
(a) It must be uncompensated.
(b) It must be secret.
(c) It must be brief.
(d) It must be recorded.

6. After recognizing the significance of Joe's tattoo, what does Juliana realize Joe was part of in World War II?
(a) The Axis Army.
(b) The Neutral zone.
(c) The Allied Army.
(d) The Red Cross.

7. When Childan returns to his office in Chapter 4, who does the client waiting for him claim to represent?
(a) An Admiral of the Imperial Army.
(b) A leader of the Third Reich.
(c) A businessman from the Middle East.
(d) An agent from the Trade Commission.

8. What does Frank's question to the I Ching about Juliana suggest?
(a) He regrets putting wealth above her love.
(b) He wants to avenge her captor.
(c) He wishes they were still together.
(d) He feels ashamed he never approached her.

9. What does Tagomi receive that makes him become suspicious of Baynes's real intentions?
(a) A military briefing.
(b) An anonymous phone call.
(c) A coded message.
(d) An unsigned letter.

10. Tagomi expresses his dislike of the German practices toward what group of people?
(a) Farm laborers.
(b) Elderly citizens.
(c) Foreign visitors.
(d) Industrial workers.

11. What does Juliana suggest to Joe is the reason for his overall bitter attitude?
(a) His idols are now gone.
(b) His mentors have been imprisoned.
(c) His family has disowned him.
(d) His friends have deserted him.

12. Why does Tagomi feel it would be better if his assistant, Ramsey, selected the gift for Baynes?
(a) He is native born.
(b) He is Swedish bred.
(c) He is artistically inclined.
(d) He is socially active.

13. How have Frank's feelings for the Japanese changed over the years?
(a) From hate to acceptance.
(b) From indifference to adoration
(c) From respect to disgust.
(d) From fear to amusement

14. What does Childan's mystery client wish to purchase?
(a) Antique American furniture.
(b) Pre-war political buttons.
(c) Authentic Civil War guns.
(d) An ancient treasure map.

15. What does McCarthy suggest is the reason Frank is initially reluctant to start his own business?
(a) Fear of Wyndam-Matson's revenge.
(b) Years of political brainwashing.
(c) Repeated past job failures.
(d) Threats of harming Juliana.

Short Answer Questions

1. What technique is used in Chapter 4 to introduce the reader to the character of Wyndam-Matson?

2. What Joe does suggest that Abendsen's living in a place called The High Castle reflects?

3. What is Frank Frink worrying about when the reader first meets him?

4. What does the mystery client encourage Childan to report?

5. What is the Nuremberg Law responsible for as revealed through Juliana?

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