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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 14.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are Frank 's intentions when he returns to the factory?
(a) To apologize to his boss.
(b) To protect his friend's job.
(c) To pick up his paycheck.
(d) To get his tools back.

2. What other name does the I Ching go by?
(a) The Justification Committee.
(b) The Reich.
(c) The Mission of Inquiry.
(d) The Oracle.

3. According to Childan, what is special about some of the people his shop gives him the opportunity to meet?
(a) They can raise his social status.
(b) They see him as a man.
(c) They share in his political views.
(d) They are willing to help others.

4. When speaking to Betty Kasoura at her home, how is Childan feeling about her?
(a) Sympathetic.
(b) Distrustful.
(c) Infatuated.
(d) Superior.

5. Tagomi expresses his dislike of the German practices toward what group of people?
(a) Industrial workers.
(b) Elderly citizens.
(c) Foreign visitors.
(d) Farm laborers.

Short Answer Questions

1. Toward the end of Chapter 12, what does Tagomi realize about Reiss and vom Meere?

2. What does Childan's mystery client wish to purchase?

3. What is learned about the role of Blacks in the PSA?

4. After telling Tagomi he can't return his Colt .44, what does Childan promise him the jewelry he buys will bring him?

5. What does Joe tell Juliana was the reason he picked her to be with him?

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