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I Ching, the oracle

This practice, of Chinese origin, provides guidance to individuals who question the direction of their lives.

The Grasshopper Lies Heavy

This object speaks of a fictional world in which the Allies won the war.


This object provides news and entertainment to citizens of the former United States.


This practice provides Juliana with a means of making a living in Colorado.

Razor Blades

These objects are used to prevent the assassination of a famous author.


This object is Juliana's means of transportation.


This object is used by the citizens of the PSA to travel throughout the city.

Historic Artifacts

These objects, collected by the Japanese, may include guns, posters and furniture.

Edfrank Custom Jewelry

This business is created by two former factory workers.

American Artistic Handcrafts Inc

This business, catering to Japanese clients, is discovered to be unknowingly selling some fake...

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