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Chapter 1

• Robert Childan, owner of American Artisan Handcrafts, Inc., is disappointed when forced to find a substitute for a gift ordered by a fussy, high ranking Japanese official named Mr. Tagomi.
• After being fired from his factory job by Wyndam-Matson, Frank Frink, fearful of being thrown out of the PSA and discovered as a Jew , seeks advice from the I Ching .
• Childan sees his young Japanese clients, the Kasouras, who seem appreciative and complimentary, as being the "hope of the world."

Chapters 2-3

• Tagomi awaits the arrival of Mr. Baynes, a Swedish businessman who is supposedly bringing information on injection molds for plastic production.

• Since he has received messages from both the Oracle and in code from the Homeland,Tagomi suspects Baynes may be a German spy.
• Childan, torn between annoyance at having to close shop and fear of offending Tagomi, brings a selection of items for Tagomi...

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