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Jim Corbett (hunter)
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did the Pipal Pani tiger no longer permit after his mate left?
(a) Vultures to feed on his kills.
(b) None of the above.
(c) Other tigers to be nearby.
(d) Corbett to watch his kill site.

2. Why did the young man and a group of men venture far from the village?
(a) To find the young man's father.
(b) They heard the tiger and decided to hunt it.
(c) Three women were missing.
(d) In search of fodder for cattle.

3. When Corbett hears what he believes are stones falling at night and investigates, what does he find?
(a) None of the above.
(b) Frogs making the sound.
(c) Fresh pugmarks climbing a rocky bank.
(d) The villagers throwing rocks to scare the tiger.

4. What do the townspeople of Thak decide to do?
(a) Raise mony to pay Corbett.
(b) Enlist the help of a holy man to drive away the tiger spirit.
(c) Build a fence around their town.
(d) Abandon their town until the man-eater is killed.

5. What does Corbett recommend great care be taken over when stalking tigers at their kills?
(a) To develop perfect patience.
(b) To kill the animal outright on the first shot.
(c) To not alert the other wildlife.
(d) To not get drowsy.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was Corbett's best guess at the weight of the fish?

2. What animals visit the scene of the missing dead chital?

3. What does Corbett discover the morning after the storm when he checks on the first buffalo he staked out in hopes of luring the Mohan man-eater?

4. How does Corbett get a hold of the fish?

5. What is only two or three hundred yards from the Foresters hut where Corbett stays in Mohan?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe how Corbett finally encounters the Thak man-eater?

2. What were Corbett's initial plans for the sleeping arrangement in Mohan? How and why were they changed?

3. Why is Corbett forced to leave the fish? What does he do with it when he leaves?

4. How would you characterize the relationship between Corbett and the Pipal Pani tiger over the tiger's life?

5. Summarize the story Corbett tells of bravery in the chapter about the Kanda man-eater.

6. Why do many men come to the area of the Thak man-eater? What are they doing there and how do they feel about the tiger? How do they show it?

7. What run-in does the labor camp have with the man-eater of Thak? What happens?

8. Describe how the Pipal Pani tiger gets shot for a second time, and how the men who go in search of him unknowingly put their lives in great danger, and what may have saved them.

9. What unexpected thing does the Pipal Pani tiger do when he gets shot in the shoulder?

10. What does Corbett hear from the village of Thak when he sitting out over a dead buffalo waiting for the tiger to return? Why is this unusual? Where does it come from and what do people say it was?

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