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Jim Corbett (hunter)
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is only two or three hundred yards from the Foresters hut where Corbett stays in Mohan?
(a) None of the above.
(b) A hunters lookout.
(c) A village.
(d) A tree where the tiger had killed just days before.

2. Who does Corbett stop and talk to on the train into the Mohan forest bungalow?
(a) A group of hunters leaving the area.
(b) A terrified group of women.
(c) None of the above.
(d) An old man who was attacked years before by the tiger.

3. Which of the following is NOT one of the things that makes the valley Corbett fishes in so pleasant?
(a) None of the above.
(b) The perfume of the flowers.
(c) The abundant wildlife.
(d) The mountains nearby.

4. What brings the tiger to the base of the tree Corbett is sitting in?
(a) A teasing langur.
(b) Coincidence.
(c) It is stalking him.
(d) It is passing on its way to the dead buffalo.

5. Why does the tiger leave the base of Corbett's tree?
(a) None of the above.
(b) Another tiger calls nearby.
(c) He gets tired of prowling.
(d) Corbett fires his rifle and drives it away.

Short Answer Questions

1. What time of day does Corbett kill the Thak man-eater?

2. What interesting information do the people of Mohan give Corbett about the man-eater?

3. What does Corbett worry the Pipal Pani tiger will do after being wounded?

4. What does Corbett watch the Pipal Pani do over the winter?

5. Who does the Thak man-eater cow into silence when they shout at her?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens when Corbett returns to the spot he left the fish?

2. What run-in does the labor camp have with the man-eater of Thak? What happens?

3. How would you characterize the relationship between Corbett and the Pipal Pani tiger over the tiger's life?

4. What does Corbett mean when he says he sets out to follow the "drag" of the Mohan man-eater? Why does he say this term is misleading?

5. Why is the setting particularly relevant to the story The Fish of My Dreams?

6. What encounter does Corbett have with a hamadryad or a cobra while he is hunting the Kanda man-eater? What happens and why does Corbett feel better afterwards?

7. Describe the encounter Corbett has on the trail with the woman filling a water jug. What is he happy he has accomplished?

8. What happens between the time that Corbett throws his line in the water and when he tosses the flopping fish onto the shore?

9. Summarize the story Corbett tells of bravery in the chapter about the Kanda man-eater.

10. How does the Pipal Pani tiger get injured in the head? What does Corbett see that he is able to know this?

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