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Jim Corbett (hunter)
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following best describes Ibbotson?
(a) Bitter and sulky.
(b) Competent and quiet.
(c) Brave to the point of foolheartedness.
(d) Thoughtful, competent, and brave.

2. What animals visit the scene of the missing dead chital?
(a) Two langurs and a leopard.
(b) A boar and two chital.
(c) A tiger and a langur.
(d) A leopard and a boar.

3. What does Corbett deduce about the man-eater from the information the villagers give him?
(a) It has an injured leg.
(b) It is very old.
(c) It has poor eyesight.
(d) None of the above.

4. What information does Corbett claim to know about the Pipal Pani Tiger's early history?
(a) His mother died when he was barely able to hunt.
(b) He was chased out of Nepal after killing many people.
(c) He had been raised as a housepet.
(d) That he was born in a deep ravine and was one of a family of three.

5. Who lost the most cattle to the Pipal Pani tiger?
(a) A very poor couple trying to raise six children.
(b) The man who shot him.
(c) Corbett.
(d) The government.

Short Answer Questions

1. What animals visit the kill site the first night Corbett sits out waiting for the Thak man-eater?

2. How does Corbett get a hold of the fish?

3. What does Corbett say is more important than the weight of the fish?

4. What happens to Corbett when he retrieves the fish?

5. What was Corbett's best guess at the weight of the fish?

Short Essay Questions

1. What unexpected thing does the Pipal Pani tiger do when he gets shot in the shoulder?

2. Why is Corbett's feeling of relief greater than usual when he shoots the Thak man-eater?

3. What happens between the time that Corbett throws his line in the water and when he tosses the flopping fish onto the shore?

4. How would you characterize the relationship between Corbett and the Pipal Pani tiger over the tiger's life?

5. What is Corbett's main intention at the locale of the story The Fish of My Dreams? Why is he having difficulty and when does he decide to go fishing?

6. Why is Corbett forced to leave the fish? What does he do with it when he leaves?

7. Describe the night Corbett spends in a tree waiting for the Kanda man-eater. What happens at night and how does it end?

8. What bothers Corbett about the way he kills the man-eater of Mohan? Why? What reasons does he give to justify his actions?

9. Why does Corbett worry about Ibbotson and his men one night after they leave him to sit up over a kill at night? What happens, and why didn't Corbett do anything?

10. What does Corbett hear from the village of Thak when he sitting out over a dead buffalo waiting for the tiger to return? Why is this unusual? Where does it come from and what do people say it was?

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