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Jim Corbett (hunter)
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following is a theory that Corbett develops about why the Thak tigress had become a man-eater?
(a) She had helped a previously killed man-eater hunt and eat its victims.
(b) None of the above.
(c) She had a severe mineral deficiency.
(d) The logging in the area was driving away her prey.

2. What animals visit the scene of the missing dead chital?
(a) A leopard and a boar.
(b) Two langurs and a leopard.
(c) A boar and two chital.
(d) A tiger and a langur.

3. Where does the Pipal Pani tiger make his home?
(a) On a large fallen tree.
(b) In a cave protected by big rocks.
(c) Under some dense, thorny bushes.
(d) On a pinnacle overlooking the area.

4. What does Corbett get distracted admiring as he is inspecting the road?
(a) A massive bird of prey.
(b) An amazing butterfly.
(c) The view.
(d) Orchids.

5. Where does Corbett leave the fish after he catches it?
(a) Back into the still pool.
(b) In water tied to a tree.
(c) Buried unter some medium sized rocks on the bottom of the river.
(d) Hanging out of otter's reach from a tree branch.

6. What does Corbett realize after reeling in sixty yards of the fishing line?
(a) None of the above.
(b) He did not use bait.
(c) There is a branch wrapped in his line.
(d) The fish is still on the line.

7. What is Corbett's first strategy to hunt the man-eater of Mohan?
(a) Watching t
(b) Beating the tiger out of a ravine.
(c) Staking out buffalo as bait.
(d) Keeping vigil on the road until the tiger passes.

8. What does Corbett deduce about the man-eater from the information the villagers give him?
(a) None of the above.
(b) It is very old.
(c) It has poor eyesight.
(d) It has an injured leg.

9. What does the father do when he realizes his son is missing?
(a) Gather a group to go on a tiger hunt.
(b) Send a telegram to Corbett.
(c) Searches all night in the wilderness for him.
(d) Weep uncontrollably.

10. When the Pipal Pani tiger first goes briefly missing, where has he gone?
(a) To move to areas of more plentiful game.
(b) Into more populated areas.
(c) To get a mate.
(d) To hide with injuries.

11. When Corbett returns to Thak the second time, what is creating a lot of noise in the area?
(a) The logging operations.
(b) Mining started down the valley.
(c) Langur breeding season.
(d) The furious calls of the tiger.

12. What information does Corbett claim to know about the Pipal Pani Tiger's early history?
(a) His mother died when he was barely able to hunt.
(b) That he was born in a deep ravine and was one of a family of three.
(c) He was chased out of Nepal after killing many people.
(d) He had been raised as a housepet.

13. What does Corbett says happens when one has unlimited undisturbed water to fish in?
(a) It is easy to be indecisive.
(b) One gets overcritical.
(c) Even skeptics turn into fishermen.
(d) All the spots start looking the same.

14. Why does Corbett chose to travel alone on the roads in the area of a man-eater?
(a) The fear of other people makes him nervous.
(b) It is easy to get careless in a crowd.
(c) More people make more noise.
(d) He feels to responsible for everyone else.

15. What does Corbett watch the Pipal Pani do over the winter?
(a) Start to watch people on roads.
(b) Drive away other tigers.
(c) Grow up.
(d) Kill leopards.

Short Answer Questions

1. What had the young man in the story just completed when he goes to leave some things at home?

2. Which of the following best characterizes the size of the fish Corbett catches?

3. What animal does Corbett see and wish he could photograph in the story about the fish of his dreams?

4. Why does Corbett give up trying to film his subject?

5. What does the snake do when Corbett hits the back of its head with a stone?

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