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Jim Corbett (hunter)
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9, The Thak Man-Eater.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Robin backs away from the clerodendron bush, what does Corbett know this means?
(a) There are monkeys in the bush.
(b) He can't see into the bush and wishes to be carried.
(c) He lost the scent trail.
(d) The tiger is in the bush.

2. What does Corbett worry about when he sees Robin missing?
(a) That Robin wouldn't make it home alone.
(b) That the leopard had killed him.
(c) That Robin was scared of gunfire.
(d) That the other dogs had hurt Robin.

3. What animal does Corbett see and wish he could photograph in the story about the fish of his dreams?
(a) A ghooral.
(b) A water fowl.
(c) A python.
(d) A langur.

4. Who was the first victim of the Mohan Man-eater?
(a) A girl who stayed with her injured companion.
(b) A mother out cutting grass for her cattle.
(c) A child who strayed into the forest.
(d) An injured old lady.

5. Who is being threatened by the Bachelor of Powalgarh when Corbett comes across them?
(a) Two big game hunters who ran out of ammunition.
(b) A group of women cutting grass.
(c) A man and his buffalos.
(d) The dak runner.

Short Answer Questions

1. When the Pipal Pani tiger first goes briefly missing, where has he gone?

2. What letter is included in the chapter about the Kanda man-eater?

3. What does Corbett worry about as he re-approaches the wounded leopard?

4. What does Corbett watch the Pipal Pani do over the winter?

5. What nerve does Robin have that he is unable to control?

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