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Jim Corbett (hunter)
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3, The Chowgarh Tigers.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is the last chance Corbett has to get a shot at the man-eater of Chowgarh on his first visit?
(a) From a ridge the night before his departure.
(b) When the tiger circles the village he is in.
(c) At a watering hole on his way out of town.
(d) When he watches the place the tiger left her last victim.

2. What does Corbett say he has noted about the coats of man-eaters?
(a) They have all been remarkably fine.
(b) They have a tendency to be mangy.
(c) The tigers often have bald spots.
(d) They smell.

3. It most cases, which of the following best characterizes the tiger's change from animal to human flesh?
(a) Rancorous.
(b) Defensive.
(c) Instinctual.
(d) Accidental.

4. How many people does the tigress of Champawat kill in all?
(a) Over a thousand.
(b) Forty two.
(c) Eight.
(d) Four hundred and thirty six.

5. What does Corbett say plays an important part in the sport of hunting man-eaters?
(a) All of the above.
(b) The other beings of the forest and the wind.
(c) The wind and a good hunting dog.
(d) Monkeys and luck.

Short Answer Questions

1. What story does Corbett tell of Robin?

2. Which of the following is something that the frequency with which a man-eater will kill depends on?

3. How does Corbet spend the first night in Pali?

4. Why does the little boy Corbett remembers not fear tigers when he sleeps in the woods?

5. Why do the Vivians miss their opportunity to kill the man-eater of Chowgarh?

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