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Jim Corbett (hunter)
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8, The Pipal Pani Tiger.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Corbett worry about as he re-approaches the wounded leopard?
(a) That so many gunshots would ruin the skin.
(b) That the leopard may have moved.
(c) That someone else had come and killed and taken the leopard.
(d) That the leopard may be suffering greatly.

2. When the Pipal Pani tiger first goes briefly missing, where has he gone?
(a) To get a mate.
(b) To hide with injuries.
(c) Into more populated areas.
(d) To move to areas of more plentiful game.

3. How does Corbet spend the first night in Pali?
(a) Barricaded in a house with everyone else.
(b) Trying to re-assure the villagers.
(c) Outside alone watching the road while his men were safe in a room.
(d) Helping the townspeople search for the tiger.

4. Why did the young man and a group of men venture far from the village?
(a) They heard the tiger and decided to hunt it.
(b) To find the young man's father.
(c) Three women were missing.
(d) In search of fodder for cattle.

5. When did the tigress of Muktesar start killing people specifically for her to eat?
(a) Her first victim.
(b) Her second victim.
(c) Her third victim.
(d) Only after her cubs were grown.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Corbett finally kill the bear they chase with?

2. What was the total number of people the tigress of Muktesar ended up killing?

3. What do Corbett and Robin do when the leopard is so inaccessible?

4. What is Corbett hoping to do after he sends his men back when he gives up filming?

5. Where is the last chance Corbett has to get a shot at the man-eater of Chowgarh on his first visit?

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