Man-eaters of Kumaon Fun Activities

Jim Corbett (hunter)
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Illustrate a Tiger

Choose on of the tigers from Jim Corbett's stories and make an illustration of what you think it might have looked like. Try to be envision the animal in a specific situation. For example, what did it look like to the people it was attacking? How about when Corbett pursued or hunted it? If it had an old injury, what might it have been like when it sustained that injury? Name your picture to clarify what scene you are depicting.

Write a Short Story

What might it be like to live next to an animal that might eat you? Write a story about a person who lives near a tiger that may be a man-eater to show what it might be like.

Without the Man-Eater

Do some research about the Kumaon region and depict what life might have been like in the region in the...

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