Man-eaters of Kumaon Character Descriptions

Jim Corbett (hunter)
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Major Jim Corbett

This character is the author and main character of Man-Eaters of Kumaon. He is well known for his excellent hunting skills particularly with respect to killing dozens of man-eating tigers and leopards in Northern India. He is a man of the hunt and receives a thrill from killing animals, but he only shoots the wrong animal on one occasion and deeply regrets it. Furthermore, he hates to shoot tigers in their sleep because he respects them enough to give them a sporting chance. Finally, he is a great conservationist and lover of nature. He claims that he only kills tigers in order to protect the people that they threaten.


There is one partner that often goes on hunts with Corbett and that is Corbett's hunting dog and his beloved companion. He primarily aids Corbett in hunts for tigers and leopards. The two would often...

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