Man-eaters of Kumaon Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Jim Corbett (hunter)
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Author's Note

• Tigers become man-eaters when some circumstance, such as age or injury has caused them to become unable to pursue their normal prey.

• The change to human flesh is usually caused by an accidental discovery by a tiger. For an example of this, Corbett tells the story of the tigress of Muktesar.

• The tigress was severely injured by a porcupine. She lost an eye and had a leg and foot severely disabled.

• The tigress was lying in the grass starving to death when a woman started to cut the grass near the tiger for fodder. The tigress did not react until the woman was upon her, and then struck and killed the woman.

• The tigress left to hide elsewhere, leaving the corpse untouched.
• Several days later, a similar scene happened with a man cutting wood, but he fell over a fallen tree, displaying the wound on his...

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