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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Spade earlier take from Cairo's pocket?
(a) A theater ticket
(b) Cigarettes
(c) Sweets
(d) $200

2. What color does Spade say Brigid's eyes are in this chapter?
(a) Cobalt blue
(b) Sandstone brown
(c) Ruby red
(d) Ice blue

3. Where has Cairo spent the night?
(a) The police station
(b) The park
(c) A brothel
(d) A train

4. Who announces the arrival of Miss Wonderly?
(a) Iva Archer
(b) Miles Archer
(c) Sam Spade
(d) Effie Perine

5. Whose apartment does Spade arrive at at the beginning of this chapter?
(a) Iva Archer's
(b) His own
(c) Miss Wonderly's
(d) Effie Perine's

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is this chapter called the Levantine?

2. What does Spade look for in Brigid's apartment?

3. What does Cairo want Spade to help him find?

4. How does Spade act to Brigid's story?

5. How much did Cairo offer Brigid to get the statuette back from a Russian?

Short Essay Questions

1. In what way does the sixteenth chapter express the problems of its time?

2. What does Spade say Brigid, Cairo and Gutman do aboard the La Paloma?

3. How does Hammett use visual images in the novel?

4. How does Spade react to Iva's apology in the eleventh chapter?

5. How does SPade calm Brigid down in the tenth chapter?

6. What do the police see when they enter Spade's apartment in the eighth chapter?

7. What message does Miss Wonderly leave for Spade in the second chapter?

8. In what way is Spade shown to be a lady killer in the ninth chapter?

9. Why is the thirteenth chapter titled Paloma?

10. What does Spade tell Brigid that Cairo wants?

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