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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who do the police take to the station?
(a) Brigid
(b) Spade
(c) Cairo
(d) Spade's sister

2. Which character in this chapter has their gun drawn?
(a) Brigid
(b) Cairo
(c) Spade
(d) Dundy

3. Where does Archer have to meet Miss Wonderly?
(a) At his house
(b) In a bar
(c) At her hotel
(d) At the train station

4. How money does Spade accept as a retainer?
(a) $500
(b) $900
(c) $1,000
(d) $200

5. Who does Spade hope to see at the theater?
(a) Brigid
(b) Cairo
(c) Effie
(d) Thursby

6. What color does Spade say Brigid's eyes are in this chapter?
(a) Ice blue
(b) Ruby red
(c) Sandstone brown
(d) Cobalt blue

7. What is the name of the Russian?
(a) Khruschev
(b) Kemidov
(c) Hermidov
(d) Tolstoy

8. What is the name of Sam's lawyer?
(a) Sid Wise
(b) Fred Clever
(c) Johnny Quick
(d) Larry Dunce

9. What useful things does Spade find in Brigid's apartment?
(a) Nothing
(b) Love letters
(c) Her bank details
(d) Money

10. Who is going to follow Floyd?
(a) Miles Archer
(b) Sam Spade
(c) Iva Archer
(d) Effie perine

11. What is Miss Wonderly's real surname?
(a) LeBlanc
(b) O'Shaughnessy
(c) Dodo
(d) O'Connor

12. What building does Miss Wonderly want Spade to meet her at?
(a) Coronet building
(b) The Harper building
(c) The Chaplin building
(d) The Locksmith building

13. How does Spade act to Brigid's story?
(a) He shoots her
(b) He kisses her
(c) He laughs
(d) He slaps her

14. What did Spade earlier take from Cairo's pocket?
(a) Sweets
(b) A theater ticket
(c) Cigarettes
(d) $200

15. Which hotel does Spade ring?
(a) Hotel Belvedere
(b) Hotel Wonderly
(c) Hotel Paris
(d) Hotel Lucky

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Spade go to with Brigid's keys?

2. Where is Cairo from?

3. What is the undersized shadow?

4. What does Spade tell the police the whole situation is?

5. What have Polhaus and Dundy come to question Spade about?

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