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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Brigid.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Spade say is still outside?
(a) Dundy
(b) The young man
(c) Polhaus
(d) Cairo

2. Why does Spade say he urged Cairo and Brigid to play along with his joke?
(a) He wanted to see Dundy smile
(b) He wanted to make them look stupid
(c) He wanted to divert their attention
(d) He was tired of answering questions

3. What is Sam doing when his phone rings?
(a) Watching TV
(b) Drinking
(c) Fixing his sink
(d) Sleeping

4. Why could Spade not of killed Thursby?
(a) He was paying him a lot of money
(b) He had no motive
(c) He had never met him
(d) He loved him

5. Why did Thursby and Brigid go to San Francisco?
(a) The police were after them
(b) They wanted to sell poetry
(c) They wanted to raise a family
(d) Cairo was double crossing them

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Floyd dangerous?

2. Why did Brigid agree to come to San Francisco with Thursby?

3. How money does Spade accept as a retainer?

4. How does Brigid react to Spade's declaration that he met Cairo?

5. Who does Miss Wonderly say Spade should ask for?

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