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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Saturday Night.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Spade think of Brigid's story?
(a) A lie
(b) The truth
(c) Entertaining
(d) Boring

2. Who does Effie say still has not surfaced?
(a) Brigid
(b) Gutman
(c) Thursby
(d) Cairo

3. Why does Brigid want to get rid of the statuette?
(a) She fears for her safety
(b) She thinks it is ugly
(c) She wants to help Cairo
(d) She wants to marry Spade

4. Who tells Spade what happened to Archer?
(a) Floyd Thursby
(b) Effie Perine
(c) Iva Archer
(d) Tom Polhaus

5. What two us cities does the District attorney think the gangsters come from?
(a) St. Louis and Chicago
(b) New York and Jersey
(c) Chicago and Seattle
(d) Chicago and San Francisco

Short Answer Questions

1. Whose apartment does Spade arrive at at the beginning of this chapter?

2. Why could Spade not of killed Thursby?

3. What color does Spade say Brigid's eyes are in this chapter?

4. What two policeman are at the door?

5. Which policeman does Spade regard as his friend?

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