The Maltese Falcon Character Descriptions

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Iva Archer - Sam Spade was having an affair with this character and often goes to lengths to avoid her.

Miles Archer - He leers wolfishly at Brigid O'Shaughnessy, offers to handle her case personally and is lured to his death because of his lechery. He dies forgetting his better instincts and behaving inappropriately.

Phil Archer - Although he does not appear in the novel, this character is instrumental in the plot: When he finds out that Spade was having an affair with Iva he tells it to the police.

Joel Cairo - This character is described as effeminate in the way he dresses and in his behavior. From his tender concern for Wilmer and from references to a "boy" he had in Constantinople, it is inferred that he is probably homosexual.

Ted Christy - Spade sends Effie to him to confirm whether the facts of...

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