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Spade & Archer

• Sam Spade's secretary, Effie Perine, announces the arrival of Miss Wonderly.

• Spade cannot help but notice how attractive Miss Wonderly is and tries to put the nervous young woman at ease as he listens to her problem.

• Miss Wonderly's sister left New York to come to San Francisco with a man called Floyd Thursby. The Wonderlys' parents will return from Europe in three weeks, and Miss Wonderly needs to find her and convince her to return to New York.

• Spade's partner, Miles Archer, arrives and Spade tells him Miss Wonderly's story. Spade and Archer decide Archer will follow Floyd after he meets Miss Wonderly at the hotel.

Death in the Fog

• Spade's telephone rings in the middle of the night. The caller reveals that Miles Archer has been killed.

• Spade rolls a cigarette and thinks about the call. Eventually Spade dresses carefully and calls a cab...

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