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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Snake-Song, Engine Trouble.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What skill does Iyer lie to the newcomer on the train about having?
(a) Karate.
(b) Sharpshooting.
(c) Tae Kwon Do.
(d) Ju-jitsu.

2. What damage does the falling tree do to Soma's beloved statue?
(a) Knocks its head off.
(b) Knocks its arm off.
(c) Knocks its toe off.
(d) Shatters it completely.

3. What musical instrument did the talkative man play in his youth?
(a) The piano.
(b) The guitar.
(c) The lyre.
(d) The flute.

4. Why does Govind Singh retire?
(a) None of these answers is correct.
(b) Because his vision is declining.
(c) Because his hearing is declining.
(d) Because his hearing and vision are both declining.

5. What does the talkative man lecture the villagers on?
(a) Why his clothes are semi-waterproof.
(b) How his medicines can cure all kinds of ills.
(c) What his figurines represent.
(d) How to use fertilizer.

Short Answer Questions

1. How long does the dog hang around the market before it meets the blind man?

2. Who has the physical advantage between Iyer and the newcomer on the train?

3. What does the talkative man hit accidentally with his engine?

4. How many times has Iswaren failed his exam?

5. What does the sadhu first request of the talkative man?

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