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Town Hall Parkappears in An Astrologer's Day - This is in the center of Malgudi. There, the astrologer is set up to do his craft by a path and under a tree.

13 Kabir St.appears in The Missing Mail - This is the location of a character who is trying to marry off his daughter.

Engladia'sappears in Gateman's Gift - This is a company where a character works as a gatekeeper for many years.

The Market Gateappears in The Blind Dog - This is a place where various merchants and beggars gather to do their business. This is also the place where the blind man meets the dog.

The Madras-Bangalore Expressappears in Fellow-Feeling - This object goes through the region of Malgudi.

Koppalappears in Tiger's Claw - This is a remote jungle village that has a stop on the railroad. It is known to be frequented...

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