Malgudi Days Character Descriptions

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the Astrologerappears in An Astrologer's Day - This character cannot really read the stars, but is a good judge of character and helps clients take a look at their future.

Guru Nayakappears in An Astrologer's Day - At first an unknown customer, this person comes to another character when all the lights are almost out and it is night.

The Mailman, Thanappaappears in The Missing Mail - This character is the mail delivery person who gets deeply involved in the lives of other people.

Ramanujanappears in The Missing Mail - This person is on another character's mail route for many years and now wants to get their daughter married.

Dr. Ramanappears in The Doctor's Word - This person is very straight and to the point, and tells patients and their families whether the patient will die or has a chance.

Gopalappears in The Doctor's Word -...

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