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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Maldoror say he promised Holzer?
(a) To never covet a woman.
(b) To never commit suicide.
(c) To never steal.
(d) To never commit murder.

2. Why does Maldoror say he believes God has a right to eat men?
(a) Because He is all powerful.
(b) Because men taste good.
(c) Because men are evil.
(d) Because He is their creator.

3. Where does the hermaphrodite live?
(a) In a cave.
(b) In a flowery grove.
(c) In a cottage.
(d) In a tall apartment building.

4. In Book II, Stanza 11, why does Maldoror throw a rock at a lamp?
(a) Because it is in his way.
(b) Because it doesn't answer him.
(c) Because someone asks him to.
(d) Because it looks like God.

5. What did Maldoror do when the bulldog did not kill the mad woman's daughter.
(a) He yelled at the dog.
(b) He made the dog go back.
(c) He stabbed the dog.
(d) He killed the dog.

6. Why was the hermaphrodite granted a pension?
(a) For being captured.
(b) For 30 years of working for the city.
(c) It was his wife's.
(d) For winning a contest.

7. What does the family in Book I, Stanza 11 hear after Maldoror watches them eat?
(a) Banging sounds.
(b) Music.
(c) Cries.
(d) Whispers.

8. What does Maldoror say happens to people who keep insects as pets?
(a) It smells bad.
(b) It sends the wrong message to women.
(c) It wastes their money.
(d) It holds them back.

9. What does Maldoror love most about math?
(a) How boring it is.
(b) How difficult it is.
(c) How advanced it is.
(d) How orderly it is.

10. What happens to the boy in Book II, Stanza 6, after Maldoror talks with him about heaven?
(a) The boy laughs at Maldoror.
(b) The boy catches a fever.
(c) The boy begins to cry.
(d) The boy runs away.

11. In Book II, Stanza 12, what does Maldoror say he realized about praying as a child?
(a) It was just a way to stay calm.
(b) He was only following orders.
(c) It could be of no use.
(d) He couldn't remember them.

12. Why does Maldoror recommend taking a child to the hospital in Book I, Chapter 6?
(a) So society will applaud.
(b) In order to do the right thing.
(c) So professionals can deal with them.
(d) Because it's easier than doing it yourself.

13. How does Maldoror describe the men who are on the horse-drawn bus?
(a) As being like a corpse.
(b) As being regal.
(c) As being lonely.
(d) As being captured.

14. Why does Maldoror suggest that the reader grow his/her fingernails out?
(a) To tap on things.
(b) To scratch a child.
(c) To see how long it takes.
(d) To scare people.

15. Why does the toad say he hates Maldoror?
(a) Because of his voice.
(b) Because he is human.
(c) Because of his pride.
(d) Because he is evil.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Maldoror say nature will wonder at his existence when he dies?

2. What does Maldoror beg God for in Book I, Stanza 5?

3. In Book I, Stanza 10, who does Maldoror think will not surround him at the time of his death?

4. Why does the narrator decide to stop writing Book II?

5. When God passes out on earth, how do the animals react?

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