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Short Answer Questions

1. In what sport does Malcolm excel at school?

2. What is the name of the man Malcolm befriends in this chapter?

3. How is Malcolm's father killed?

4. What job did Rudy used to have?

5. What job does Shorty find for Malcolm?

Short Essay Questions

1. How would Malcolm turn around his life?

2. In what way does Harlem educate Malcolm in the inequalities facing black Americans?

3. Why do you think Malcolm is so shocked at the Nation's action against him?

4. What is the main thing Malcolm says he gets out of dating a white woman?

5. Why is it difficult for Haley to be a dispassionate chronicler of Malcolm's life?

6. Why is the nation of Islam so important to people like Malcolm?

7. In what way are Malcolm's problems getting worse in Chapter 8?

8. In what way is Malcolm a good student?

9. How do the whites react to Malcolm having a relationship with a white woman?

10. How does Malcolm feel about the way he treats Laura in Chapter 3?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Look at Spike Lee's adaptation of the book. Is it how the students would visualize the book? Do the students think the film is objective? What new meaning do the students think that Denzel Washington and Spike Lee bring to the work? How different do the students think the film would be if it were directed by a white director or starred, for example, Samuel Lee Jackson?

Essay Topic 2

How much do you think Malcolm X changed positive representations of African American culture? Is Malcolm's influence still felt today? Are there books, music or even celebrities that derive from Malcolm X's beliefs? What positive impact have Malcolm X's ideas had on society? Do you think Malcolm's ideas have had any negative impacts upon society?

Essay Topic 3

Look at the Nation of Islam in the Sixties. What were people's views on the Nation of Islam? Was there any Nation of Islam literature?How was Nation of Islam presented in popular culture? Has this representation affected the way people think about the Nation of Islam today?

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